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My name is Charlene Weitzeil and I am a full time missionary at the Family History Library.

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My closest ancestors are Charles Harry Weitzeil and Nedra Marie Dalton.

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Pets[edit | edit source]

  • Boots was my first kitty kat. He was part Manx and part neighborhood Romeo. Boots was dark gray with a nub of a tail and four evenly matched white boots.
  • Joseph was my pet parakeet, blue and white. He had a limited vocabulary, but chattered constantly when we wouldn't let him play on the kitchen table.
  • Cochise was a grey and white tabby who thought he was the master of the home. He was a diligent and faithful watchcat when the children were sick. He stayed by their sides and would fetch me at the slightest sign of distress, long before the child knew they were having a problem.

Experience[edit | edit source]


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