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Intro[edit | edit source]

This feels weird... where to start?

When my last grandmother passed away in early 2013, I suddenly realized I had lost a significant link to my past, one that I'd never really taken the opportunity to utilize. Thus began my interest in genealogy.

After dabbling with Family Tree Maker and for a few months, I attended Ancestry Days in Arlington, TX. That was my first exposure to instruction in the art of genealogy, where I learned to be methodical, and to document what I was doing so I wouldn't be lost when I came back to it somewhere down the road. I actually ended up deleting most of my tree at that point and starting over - I'd been one of the ignorant newbies going hog wiled with shaky leafs!

I volunteer for Find A Grave, taking photos when I can, managing memorials of family members, and contributing wherever I can. I also like to participate in FamilySearch indexing.

I'm a techie by nature and trade; I'm the systems administrator for a small office - technically I am the ENTIRE IT department (it's just me). So I'm hoping to leverage those skills and contribute to this wiki whenever I can.

I actually just found the wiki late last night (12 Aug 2014). I couldn't sleep and was trying to find my 4th great grandparents on one part of my tree, and discovered that I could request fiche be sent to a local Family History Center ( - I never knew we had one here. It was on that wiki that I saw some things that could use a little love and attention, and began contributing to the wiki.

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NOTE TO SELF[edit | edit source]

find a syntax guide for this wiki!!

Dfwdraco76 12:20, 13 August 2014 (UTC)