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dontiknowyou[edit | edit source]

User dontiknowyou is a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies. On Family Tree in FamilySearch this user has made over 13,000 new person profiles and attached over 100,000 sources. Most contributions are on German surnames Centner, Czentner, Jentner, Gentner, Genthner, Sentner, Tzentner, Zehentner, Zehntner, Zentner; also English surnames Clough, Crandall, Verry, Yarrall. This user is especially interested in breaking through intercontinental immigrant "brick walls".

Intercontinental immigrant brick walls[edit | edit source]

Surname tables on this page show data from FamilySearch. The ratio of indexed historical records to Family Tree profiles gives a rough estimate of the completeness of a surname study. The estimate is not intuitive. A large ratio usually means many profiles have yet to be created. A very small ratio usually means a Family Tree contributor has done a lot of work but FamilySearch has not yet indexed many historical records. Often the contributor is working directly with images on FamilySearch ahead of indexing.

Experience with several American immigrant surnames has been that when all indexed historical records are linked to profiles, there are about 7 records per profile. That is, the sweet spot is 7.

Genthner[edit | edit source]

Immigrants from Germany to the United States. Most notable of these is a family of colonial pioneers in the Waldo Plantation, now Maine. Historical records are abundant but there were many persons of the same name, often in the same generation; this presents interesting challenges for the genealogist.

Susan Genthner born 1820's[edit | edit source]

In the mid-19th century in Waldoboro, a town of about 4000 residents in Maine, United States, there lived three cousins named Susan Genthner, all close in age. The 1850 United States census helpfully records all three Susans.

In 1850 Susan C. Genthner 1827-1913 [Family Tree person ID GC44-TZD] was in the household of Betsy McClintock Genthner. In 1880 Betsy was in the household of Susan's husband Rufus Benner; although recorded as "Gd Mother", all other evidence points to Betsy being Susan's mother. The presence of Betsy and Susan in the same household 30 years apart establishes Susan's family of origin.
In 1850 Susan Genthner 1828-1912 [LVGG-RM5] was in the household of her husband William G. Waltz. Her death record names her parents, giving her family of origin.
In 1850 Susan M. Genthner 1825-1986 [K69M-BJW] was in the household of her husband Solomon Genthner. Her marriage record identifies her as Miss Susan M. Genthner, of Waldoboro, so we know she was born a Genthner but her family of origin is not known.

Gardner Schwartz[edit | edit source]

Several persons of this name, and Family Tree hints indicate crosslinking. Persons include:

GC4C-SR6 Gardner Schwartz 1863- son of William Gardner Schwartz and Eleanor Genthner
M486-8HN Gardner E. Schwartz 1864-1934 son of Daniel Schwartz and Delia ?

Isaac Genthner families[edit | edit source]

Detangling is in progress. One of several Isaac Genthner families:

Genthner fam 1850 1860 Comment
Bremen Waldob
Isaac 62 72
Sarah 63 73
Eliza 36 46 surname Weeks, + son
Isaac G 24
Sarah E 20 31 surname Chapman, + husb and son
Catherine 18
Theopana 0
Clara 10
Melletta 8

Clough[edit | edit source]

The surname Clough is not rare and has many known variants. Numerous villages in Ireland and England are named Clough and in northern England the word clough means a steep sided valley.

Surname Any event place Records Profiles Records ÷ profiles
Clough England 226,732 4,585 49.5
      Ireland               968 66 14.7
North America 222,482 9,987 22.3
Worldwide 460,236 60,159 7.7
Cluff England 7,475 1,271 5.9
      Ireland           3,351 262 12.8
North America 48,372 3,467 14.0
Worldwide 62,861 7,550 8.3
Clow Worldwide 92,030 10,536 8.7

By this table FamilySearch Family Tree has over 40,000 profiles with surname Clough but neither standardized place names nor historical records attached. However, the worldwide number of records divided by profiles is near the "sweet spot". This suggests nearly all profiles relating to this surname already exist in Family Tree, but most profiles have not been reworked since the mass import circa 2012 of legacy trees into Family Tree. This situation begs for a community project. Many hands make light work.

British Colonial America[edit | edit source]

At least 6 men named John Clough are known to have immigrated to British Colonial America in the early 17th century, departing from ports in England. For the most part their birth places and families of origin are not known.

In England there are many candidate families of origin. Attaching to Family Tree profiles all indexed historical records of men named John Clough (or variant spelling) in England circa 1550 to 1650 should help to find these families. Some of this work has been done but there is more. Y-DNA analysis may also help, and on FamilyTreeDNA two projects have Clough participants: Northumberland and Clewis-Clough.

Heads of tree in Massachusetts:

John Clough (about 1613 – 26 July 1691) of Salisbury L2VM-FFH. In the early 17th century a young single man named John Clough was among the first English settlers in what is now Salisbury, Massachusetts. His descendants have a large genealogical society. In early 2020 on Family Tree almost no profiles on John Clough's descendancy tree had historical records attached. By early 2021 that task was nearly complete for at least the first 4 generations. With so many hints resolved the tree now is much more stable.
John Prester Clough (13 January 1587 – 18 May 1642) GW7R-1NQ evidently immigrated to America with at least two of his children, who settled in Watertown, Massachusetts. Some of his descendants have records to attach; see his Family Tree descendancy tree.
John Clough (about 1621 – 26 May 1691) K644-TGB in Boston.
John Clough (about 1635 – Deceased) MKW9-XBV in Boston.
John Clough (about 1660 – Deceased) GCWR-5TF is father of Martha Clough (1691-, born in Salisbury).
John Clough (about 1750 – Deceased) MKCZ-49W married in Boston in 1769.

Heads of tree in Virginia:

Reverend John Clough (– 15 February 1684) KZML-ZRB.
George Clough (2 April 1704 – Deceased) LZFJ-7SL parents unknown.
Richard Clough (23 July 1607 – about 1671) L11P-LSZ born in England, children born in Virginia, but evidence scant.

Veterans of the Revolutionary War:

Aaron Clough
Abner Clough
David Clough
Humphrey Clough
Joseph Clough

Recorded surnames that may be variants:

Clow, 161 records; some are at least deviants (transient spelling variations)

Verry (and Yarrall in New Zealand)[edit | edit source]

An alternate spelling of Verry is Verrij; FamilySearch exact matching does not distinguish these spellings. In North America Verry may be spelled Very and Vary.

Verry on FamilySearch:

Birth place   Records Profiles Records ÷ profiles Comment
England 3733 483 7.7 Verry only, lots to do
France             2320 231 10.0 lots to do here
Netherlands     508 160 3.2 +Verrij
New Zealand         869 101 8.6 nearly complete
British Colonial America     337   74 4.6 Verry only; for now ignore Very, Vary
Canada 163 33 4.9 nearly complete
United States 9707 712 13.6 progress
Other 183 664 0.3 huge progress on standardizing, yay! Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary
Total                   17820 2458 7.2

Yarrall on FamilySearch:

Birth place Records Profiles Records ÷ profiles Comment
 England 106 105 1.0
 New Zealand 31 65 0.5
United States 25 9 2.8
 Other  703     75 9.4 lots to do
 Total         865   254 3.4 no recent change

The number of profiles in England, New Zealand, and the United States combined do not approach the number of profiles worldwide because most profiles lack standardized place names. Place names not standardized causes undercounting and, more importantly, poor search results. reports that today the surname Verry is most numerous in the United States, France, Indonesia, and New Zealand, in that order. It is likely of French origin, but see also Verrij in the Netherlands. Per, Yarrall is most numerous in New Zealand, rare in England and Australia, but variant spellings are possible.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Try to link American Verry and Yarrall family trees to trees in New Zealand or England.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Add or correct standardized place names, especially for cemeteries.  Instructions on FS Help Center.

Standardize place names and dates on person profiles. Standardizing greatly improves the quality of hints and helps to resolve duplicates and improve searching. To find profiles in need of standardizing, on Family Tree search for the exact surname and a country where the surname is not known. Try Verry in Argentina

After standardizing, work Family Tree hints, attaching historical records to trees.

Look through attached historical records and work any unfinished attachments. This finds new clues, makes the tree stronger, and links the tree to other trees. Best practice is to include every person with the surname, and their parents, spouses, and children, but not in-laws. This finds all "edges" of the tree. At dead ends, eg., at the head of a tree, "follow" that profile. This makes the edges easier to find.

New Zealand[edit | edit source]

In New Zealand there are at least 3 separate lines of immigrant families with surname Verry.

Verry and Yarrall families were among the first immigrants to New Zealand; there is good documentation of these families in New Zealand but their origins in England are uncertain or unknown. Numerous genealogists have worked on tracing back the Verry line, so far without success.

Find parents for:

George Verry 1833 – 1908 GCWL-QWM
Mary Jane Verry 1857 – 1920 GCW2-NG8
Alice Verry January 1874 – 1874 GCW2-75P
Grace Agnes Verry 1902 – 1986 LRP8-TT7
George Nelson Verry 1907 – Deceased LTQD-SZK
Alexander Francis Verry 1919 – 8 December 1989 GCJT-W1Z
Thomas Robert Verry 26 March 1926 – 7 March 1981 GCJD-7Q8

See New Zealand Genealogy for many finding aids.

United States[edit | edit source]

Look for families of origin of Verry immigrants in the United States: John W. Verry (1808 – 9 March 1862) and his older children.

Find parents of:

Naby Verry, July 1766 – Deceased MFB9-M6B
Joseph Verry 15 June 1788 – 16 July 1871 K4NN-XX2

Fill out family of:

Joseph Michael Levere 15 January 1882 – 16 September 1968 MWGM-MY3; immigrant from Portugal to Rhode Island, named Very or Verry in early records but not related to the very large Verry family in Rhode Island. Over time his family's surname became Levere.
Any Very/Verry in Rhode Island or Massachusetts; watch for duplicate profiles and conflated profiles that need to be split.
The Greek Verry family in Manitoba Canada and Illinois.



Genealogy research:

The Verry Connection, A New England Immigrant Kinship Network, The American Genealogist, v. 72 (1997): 29-299.
England[edit | edit source]

Build trees of English families named Verry and Yarrall, and try to link them to each other.

Among the earliest settlers from England in New Zealand were putative descendants of John Verry 1770–1820. Expand the family in England.

Two later settlers from England in New Zealand are descendants of Richard Verry (1 October 1854 – 24 February 1928). Could this family be related to the earlier Verry settlers? Expand the family in England.

Verify the English family of origin of early New Zealand immigrant Thomas Verry (April 1798 – 28 June 1861), which is questionable.

Find the English family of origin of early New Zealand immigrant Ann Verry (1817 – 9 April 1906), wife of Thomas Yarrall. It may be that she is not a Verry at all.

John Verrie 1628–1669 of Hereford, England has many descendants with Family Tree hints: see his descendancy tree.

Find parents of:

William Michael Verry 14 August 1835 – 2 March 1906 L8TK-C9X