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My name is Godfrey J. Ellis.  I have been involved in Family History off-and-on since my teenage days, many years ago.  I am currently working as the mission leader (M.L.) of FamilySearch Research Support group and the M.L. of new FamilySearch French-Canadian group.  I am also in charge of the translation team to get the Wiki into the French language.

My research interests are fairly narrow in that I was born in England and have heavily specialized in English research.  I have thousands of names, but they are all in England.  I have yet to turn up ancestors from any other country.  I have also dabbled in French-Canadian and French genealogy and am trying to learn some U.S. research.  I am a novice at Wiki but fully committed to its value and potential. 

Outside of family history/genealogy, I am the director of a masters program in Counseling Psychology and Family Therapy at Saint Martin's University. I am also the father of four great sons and 12 grandchildren.