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Standardizing U.S. State Map Pages[edit | edit source]

Copy the following code into a sandbox, and then input/transfer the information that seems appropriate from the current map page in the appropriate section. Books referred to should be put in the resources section. Next do searches in the websites listed in the "online maps section", do a Google search, and then a specific search on the state archives or state historical societies page to see if there are additional map collections for that state.

Code to copy[edit | edit source]

To learn more about maps in general, go to the '''[[Maps | Maps Record Page]]'''.
== Online Maps  ==
*[URL David Rumsey Historical Maps Collection]
*[URL Old Maps Online Collection]
*[URL Library of Congress Maps Collection]
*[URL Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library]
*[URL Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection]
*[URL Harvard University Scanned Maps] 
*[URL UWM American Geographical Society Library Digital Map Collection]
*[URL University of California Berkeley Library]

== Tips for Using Maps  ==
Maps must be used carefully for several reasons: 
Several types of maps are useful for genealogists. Some give historical background of the area or show migration routes such as roads, rivers, and railroads. Topographical maps show physical features, such as creeks and hills, and man-made features, such as roads, cemeteries, and churches. Plat and land ownership maps and other types of maps are described in [[United States Maps]].
*There are often several places with the same name. You may want to use a '''[[STATE Gazetteers | Gazetteer]]''' to help you.<br>
*The spelling and even names of some towns may have changed since your ancestor lived there.<br>
*Boundaries changed over time. Use historical maps to understand boundary changes.<br>

For more tips and information on using maps, go to the general'''[[Maps | Maps Record Page]]'''.

== Types of Maps  ==

Different types of maps help you in different ways, for example: 
*Historical atlases describe the growth and development of countries, showing boundaries, migration routes, settlement patterns, military campaigns, and other historical information.<br>
*Road atlases are useful because of the detail they provide. <br>
*Other types of maps include: parish maps, state maps, tourist maps, topographical maps, and air navigation maps. City maps are extremely helpful when researching in large cities.<br>

To learn more about different types of maps, go to the general'''[[Maps | Maps Record Page]]'''.

== Historical Maps Collections ==

Historical map collections are helpful because they can show you the geography of your ancestor's residence at or around the time they lived there. The following collection is helpful:



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