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I retired from a career as a Travel Consultant. I have a talent for teaching and began at 16 teaching primary. Actually I started before that as I preferred to "play school" as a child rather than "play house". I've taught nearly every age group in church and did some substitute teaching in Lakeland, Florida schools. After working for TransWorld Airlines and later managing several small travel agencies I became a trainer in Reservations at Walt Disney World. Several years later I was recruited to be an instructor in Travel and Tourism for Mid-Florida Tech. I did this for several years three nights a week while working for Disney during the day. Mid Florida Tech is a public adult vocational school located in Orlando, Florida and is part of Orange County Public Schools' Career and Technical Education department.

For the last 4 school years I have kept my hand in teaching by mentoring in the middle school or high school here in Little Elm, Texas. I'm not a tutor but someone that befriends the girl selected by the school for me. My "job" is to build trust while bringing out the best in her. Then I'm able to discover why they are floundering in school. It really is very rewarding to be able to keep a teen from falling through the cracks.

My hobbies were sewing, reading and travel...and I'm apparently part Nomad (according to my best friend) as I moved often. I just couldn't imagine living in the same place for a long time. I was a single parent of two, a boy and girl, from the time they were preschoolers.

I grew up near the ocean in Long Beach, Calif and wanted to retire by a beach. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would be a beach on a large lake (Area: 29,591 acres) in North Texas! It's a large beach and every kind of water craft including kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, jet ski's and various sizes of boats use this area. Now if only the Texas summer weather would be in the 80's instead of high 90's and low 100's, I could actually go to the beach in the summer. Guess we can't have everything. The heat doesn't bother younger people at all!