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New surname or family organization Pages and Groups on Facebook are being created by the community of genealogists around the world. The main topic of either a Page or a Group of this type will typically be about doing research on a family, multi-generational family, or surname. If you find a page that's not on this list, be sure to share:

Page or Group Name Website Description
Acree Family History, Genealogy & DNA Project
This is a forum for everyone who was born an Acree (or Acrey, Acrea, Acra, Akrie, Acre, Akre - all related) to share family histories
Adams Family Association-Wilton, Maine
Here you will find genealogical information about Moses & Martha Adams and their fourteen children.
Curtis Genealogy
This group is for anyone interested in the genealogy for the Curtis-Curtiss surname, including 40 variant spellings. Also see the Curtis page and Curtis/s Society website.
Denn Genealogy

Dreimüller Genealogy

Dunedin Family History

Finch Family Genealogy

Hanslo Family History Group: South African Descendants
This group is researching the Hanslo surname, specifically the South African clans. The first Hanslo family was possibly of Flemish origins, coming from Belgium.
Hartley Family

Homrighausen Genealogy Network
A group to help researchers of the Homrighausen name.
Irish Surname Registry
A central location to look for others doing research on the same Irish surname.
Keller (Kjoller) Family Genealogy

Mason Family History
This group is for anyone with the Mason surname in their ancestry.
Mathia - Matthia Family Connections
Your name may be spelled MATHIA, MATTHIA, MATHYIA, MATHEA, MATIA, MATYJA, MATTHIAE or even MATHIOWNA. No matter what the spelling, if you're connected to the family there is room for you here.
Middleton Genealogy

Page Family Tree
Starting with George and Virginia Page from Appomattox, Virginia
Sawyer Family Tree
Relatives of the Arkansas representative, Stephen Decatur Sawyer born around 1866 in Mississippi.
Scott Family Genealogy

Shishmaref Genealogy

Steenbergen Genealogy Network
Dedicated to research for the Steenbergen surname.
United Kingdom Surname Groups on Facebook
This group maintains a directory of family surname groups on Facebook that originate from the United Kingdom.
Warrington Family Tree & Genealogy Pages

Wilcox-Wilcockson Family
Descendants of Wilcox or Wilcockson (and variant spellings).