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I have worked with Latter Day Saint records, been around long enough to see the genealogy programs come and go.

I have been a consultant in Family History Centers over the years and gained experience working with Patrons' information.

My concentration is in U.S. Research, done in Mid-west and Eastern states through correspondence and Western states visiting ancestral locations. I have visited the Family History Center in Salt Lake City every chance I had.

I took classes at BYU to become an accredited researcher but had a family instead. I have worked with German records a little. Gothic Script. Experience with hand writing has come from looking at a lot of records over the years.

Although searching the internet is fairly new to me,I am learning a lot and excited over the records that are available.

My recent research was with records in Ireland and England. I've had an opportunity to travel there and to travel to other locations of my ancestors, which has left a lasting memory.

I find it exciting to help others find their family members and to work with them and see their enthusiasm. ljw