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Linda-Marie Callery.jpg

  • Education: BA University of Delaware: Religion and History

Family History Courses: 3 years of study offered in Delaware
Associate's degree: Bookkeeping
Vernon College for Nursing: 3 years Nursing

  • Hobbies:
    • Family History
    • Colonial and European History
    • African and American History
    • English & American Law
    • Colonial/European Fashion & Culture
    • Crafts
    • Gardening
    • Music
    • Crochet and Knitting


    • French I am taking a class to improve my speaking and to read and write it.
    • American Sign Language

Church Callings: Primary
Young Men's & Young Women's and Relief Society Teacher
Singles Representative
Stake Missionary
Temple Worker
Family History Consultant
Family Search Wiki Missionary

My name is Linda-Marie Callery. I was born in Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts on 23 October. I have always been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was called as a Family History Consultant at the age of 16 years old in the Wilmington Stake, Wilmington, Delaware. It was the first time a Family History Room was established in the County of New Castle, Delaware. My mother and I were called and we were so happy. Their had been over 500 people in the Wilmington Stake and only 12 were to be called according to my Bishop Gerry Jones. I am still a Family History Consultant her in Wichita Falls, Texas. Lawton Oklahoma Stake. What a thill that was for me and my mother. That was about 54 years ago.

I am retired now, but I have been a sales clerk, clerical, bookkeeper, Museum Docent and researcher for the Delaware Historical Society. I was on the research team that Worked in Philadelphia, PA. on the their new Constitution Exhibit and then The Delaware Constitutional Exhibit. Then I was given the task to Research Slave Records for the Delaware State. I had to go through old records that had never been looked at since their writings. I had to decipher them by hand then put them in word to be digitalized for the future. Then I worked with the schools in the 3 counties (New Castle, Kent, & Sussex) in Delaware as President of the 350th celebration for the birthday of Delaware. As Delaware was a Colony and then a State. I had to go to schools and help children to understand the History of Delaware starting as a Colony then a State. This covered the Colonials days, wars, Native Americans, Clothing, African Americans, the English Law and American Law, Slavery and Women's Rights. Then I finally became a Nurse and headed to Medical School for 3 years. I worked in the Emergency Room, surgery, labor and delivery, work on the different floors and gave meds. And I got to work in different Nursing Homes helping our wonderful Seniors. It was there I was able to bring in family history to these wonderful people and introduce them to the Gospel. I never knew if any join the church, but, that's ok. After my shift was finished or on a day off I would got back to many of those who were interested and I would help research their lines. Then with their permission I put them on

My passion is Family History and I enjoy helping those individuals with unusual family histories as I learn more about Family Search Wiki. It has been very helpful in and out side the United States. I recently started helping a wonderful sister with her African American Family History. Wiki has help me to help her with all the wonderful avenues to research to help break down the walls when you get to the Slave Days.

I did some modeling for several years and I ended up somehow being introduced to the Miss Delaware Pageant it was suggested I apply. I decided not too. And one week later I was called into my Bishop's office and He said the Lord has called me to work in the Washington D.C. Temple. And I became a Temple Worker in Washington D.C. Temple. Wow...

I can speak some French and I am taking a course to write it also. And I know Sign Langrage. As I had a wonderful Sister Missionary that could not speak, but, she could sign. So I decided to take a course in Sign Language.

I have been a singles Rep for many years. As I have never married or had children. I have not met my eternal mate yet. And I know this. Instead I have devoted my whole life to the Lord and helping his children here on earth and across the veil.