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Liverpool used to be the pre-eminent port on the western side of the UK. For centuries it has been the location for much of the imports and exports of the UK.

From a church history perspective, more than 70% of all European converts to the church transshipped from Liverpool to the Americas. It is also the port where the first missionaries to England disembarked, before traveling north to Preston.

Liverpool was badly damaged during the blitz and subsequent air raids. My family ended up living in a USA provided "pre-fab" as we lost our home. We were totally familiar and played on the heaps of bomb rubble.

Because of the docks, Liverpool was a staunch union and labor city. This has proved to be catastrophic to the city. When containers were first introduced in the late 1950's, the unions refused to unload them, feeling it was taking work away from their members. So the bulk of the shipping that had been Liverpool's for centuries went to such cities as Southampton, Manchester, and Bristol in the UK, and Amsterdam and Rotterdam on the continent. Liverpool lost more than 150,000 residents from 1960 to today.

There was not much for we teenagers to do as we grew up, and so music became the pathway to success. As is well known, many major rock groups are Liverpool born. In fact, Paul McCartney and George Harrison of the Beatles went to my High School.

Most of the manufacturing that was part of the Liverpool scene as I was growing up has been transferred to Asia, and Liverpool is now more of a banking and Insurance center.