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Missionary Time Scheduling and Tracking[edit | edit source]

Wiki Mission Availability[edit | edit source]

Estimate Your Weekly Missionary Service Schedule
Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
From 13:00
To 14:15

Use the above table to estimate your Missionary time schedule for the week. This can assist you with reaching your weekly service hour goal. Unfortunately it is not a form, you will have to edit the section and enter your times in the appropriate cell of the table. These tables are set up a little different than what is taught in our Tables Training. The first row looks normal, cell 1-7 one below the other, However, the remaining rows are setup in rows and look like this: | || || || || || || Enter your time between the pipes that are separated by multiple spaces. The last cell is not enclosed, so enter Saturdays time after the final set of pipes. Each table is set up the same way

Actual Time Entry[edit | edit source]

Wiki Service Missionary Time Entry Table
Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Start Time 13.00
End Time 14.25
Project MTC Training
Start Time
End Time
Start Time
End Time
Total hrs

Creating a time tracking system in wikitext. With all that is in it, it could be used to assist in teaching tables. But, I'm just a playin' in my sandbox right now.

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This is a userbox, a small colored box you can add to your User page to share information about yourself, or help other users learn about you so you can collaborate.

Add the userbox[edit source]

To add this userbox to your user page :

  1. Go to your user page.
  2. Click to Edit This Page.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like to see the userbox.
  4. Click on the {T} icon in your toolbar (or the Wikitext button).
  5. Enter {{Lonnyyates/sandbox}}, click ok if needed, then save the page.

Additional userboxes can be found in the FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes/Gallery.

If you have a number of userboxes, you can put {{userboxtop}} before and {{userboxbottom}} after the list to order them together on your user page.

For more information about userboxes, see Help:Userbox.