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Sister Brenda Lovell

Family and Church History Headquarters Mission

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Things I Like to Do[edit | edit source]

I enjoy doing:

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  • Beading jewelry
  • Tole painting
  • Seasonal decorations for the home

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  • Crocheting ruffled scarves
  • Designing doll clothes

Sewing cute outfits for my granddaughters

Creating decorations for my home
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It's fun for me to look at a picture of something that would be useful in my home and look for items available around the house that can be put together to create an original item.  I usually start with a theme; such as, butterflies. Recently, I sewed a runner for the sofa table out of a butterfly print fabric. Then, I looked for items to place on top of the runner that matched my theme and colors. Due to limited financial funds, it is neccessary for me to look for items on sale, items at the dollar store, or at a second hand store.  Seeing what I can create with spending little or nothing is half  of the fun challenge for me.

Things I Do Well[edit | edit source]

I've always considered myself as being someone who likes to try to do a variety of things, but not really excel in any one particular talent.  Probably the two talents I do best are:

Conductng musical groups
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One of my minor enorsements in college was music.  I have taken dance classes, piano lessons, and music conducting lessons, so I have had a broad musical training.

Designing clothing for myself and  for my grandchildren
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Places I Have Visited[edit | edit source]

From my youth I learned to enjoy traveling from my parents who took frequent trips to different parts of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Most of our trips were made when my dad went on business trips. He was a car salesman who traveled to purchase old cars to repair and put on his car lot to sell.