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Anja Irmgard Rebber[edit | edit source]

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Born and raised in Germany, I live in the Netherlands now for about 20 years. So I speak Dutch, German and English on a daily basis.

After having studied molecular biology (MSc), I switched (due to allergies) to health psychology (MSc). I did specialization studies on Data Science (Johns Hopkins University) and Computer Programming (University of Michigan) online. I am a trained pharmacist assistant also. Nowadays, I work as a Data Scientist and statistical software engineer at a Dutch University. I also have quite some work experience in the field of communication and public relation, as in ICT.

Besides sitting at a desk, I love to do Chinese internal martial arts (Taijiquan, Xing Yi Quan and Baguazhang). Cross-stitching is a true passion. I love classical and Church music. Seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2016 changed my life.

I was baptized in January 2016 and until now I served as a Ward missionary and RS teacher in my homeward Hengelo, The Netherlands. Now I serve as a Church Service Missionary in the FamilySearch Wiki Mission and from next week on have a new calling in my ward.

Thanks to dear friends, I was able to start my own genealogy research even before my baptism. Since almost all ancestors are from Germany, I can read German now in 6 different alphabets...