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Films[edit | edit source]

FHL film 1551141

film 1551141FHL 1551141

Formatting[edit | edit source]

 I am an official WIKI Author.

  • I understand how to copy from Book/Catalog
  • I understand how to create external and internal links
  • I am confused how to create specific links to an internal link. January 8
  • If I did this enough I would have it memorized.
  • I learned how to 'get' pictures, and create graphs. January 16.
  • By the 16th of January I had completed 'editing' 7 batches of work, taught 3 classes starting 10 or more people in their sandbox.
  • I am editing all Family History Centers websites in the USA and Canada
  • I am training 2 missionaries to edite the FHC in Canada

References[edit | edit source]

RLG Research Libraries Group
OCLC Ohio Consortium Library Catalogs
NUC Nationial Union Catalog which contained cataloging information on published material

References[edit | edit source]

Such as with Samuel F. Barker of Calais, Washingtoncounty, Maine[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Samuel F. Barker household, 1840 us Census

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Marion Lake Nature Trail Marion AR 2013-05-25 043.jpg

Websites[edit | edit source]

England Church Records

World Vital Records

Genealogical Studies

Books[edit | edit source]

Missouri Burds , FHL book 929.273 B893

History of Bear Lake Pioneers FHL digital book

Our Pioneer Heritage, FHL book digitized

Links[edit | edit source]

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Top Genealogy Websites for Finding United Kingdom Ancestors

The life and times of Henry VIII FHL digitized book

The Life and Times of Henry VIII FHL digitized book

Catherine of AragonFHL book

Road to divorce, England, 1530-1987FHL book

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