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WIKITEXT (BASIC): DAY-1[edit | edit source]

I use this page as my own notes and guide to teaching Wikitext Chapters 1 through 9:

CH-1: HOME[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW reading on HOME page focusing on... 
  • Do exercises and/or questions in your sandboxes; write down Qs and bring to class
  • SHOW ME: black letters on white background
  • Relationship of HTML, Wikitext, Visual Editor code (subcomponents)
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) = make page more interesting
SHOW ME: Go to page = Wisconsin, United States Genealogy

CH-2: INTRODUCTION[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW reading on Introduction page...

  • How to Access wikitext coding on a page?
SHOW ME: Go to page = Wisconsin, United States Genealogy
- click on 'Edit Source' tab at top of page
- can also click on 'Edit Source' button at header level
- explain: for certain projects I copy the code to my sandbox, do modifications, then copy back to 'live' page
  • Symbols: follow university doc --> do not use '&' in a title, replace with 'and'
  • Second Monitor vs Split Screen for homework
SHOW ME: How to split a screen?

CH-3: HEADERS[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW reading on Headers page...


  • headers => section breaks
  • when page is saved, creates an editable section
  • TOC automatically appears if >3 headers are added to page
  • if TOC not wanted, place coding __NOTOC__ on page.
  • diff sizes & look
  • wiki code for headers
  • uses of headers
  • [edit source] boxes @ right allows section editing
SHOW ME: HOWTO create diff headers
  1. Enter: ==CH-3: HEADERS==, ===Code for Headers===; then SAVE.
  2. NOTE: MUST save else [edit source] doesn't show
SHOW ME: HOWTO Create/Not Show Table-of-Contents
1. Enter: CH-4:Lists and CH-5:Nested Lists, then SAVE.
  • MUST have at lease 4 headers for TOC to show
  • MUST SAVE else TOC doesn't show
2. TO DISALLOW TOC on page, at page top, enter: __NOTOC__

CH-4: LISTS (Show Me)[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW reading on Lists page...

SHOW ME: How to build an UN-ORDERED List of Fruits (bulleted using *asterisk) using the following:


NOTE: show sample list --> England

SHOW ME: How to build an ORDERED List (numbered using #pound/hashtag) using the following:


CH-5: NESTING LISTS[edit | edit source]

UN-ORDERED NESTING List (bulleted using double *asterisks)


ORDERED NESTING List (numbered using double #pound/hashtag)

##Granny Smith
##Golden Delicious
##Red Delicious
SHOW ME: Intermixing and other neat stuff
*WIKITEXT LIMITATIONS regarding INTERMIXING of ordered and unordered NESTS
#Granny Smith
#Golden Delicious
#Red Delicious
*Granny Smith
*Golden Delicious
*Red Delicious
*what happens when you place a SPACE between border and first character?
*how can I indent a line? (use colon)
*how can I draw a line across the page? (use ----)

CH-6: LINKS (Delete all work in edit box before continuing)[edit | edit source]


  • Uses single square brackets [ ]
  • FORMAT: [URL space NAME]...(note space)
  • NOTE-1: NAME is user-defined; MUST give Name else ERROR
  • NOTE-2: little box with arrow
SHOW ME an external link: [ Wikipedia]



  • Uses double square brackets [[ ]]
  • USES Article Name NOT URL ...(note that Article Name is part of URL)
  • FORMAT: [[ARTICLE NAME pipe NAME]]...(note pipe)
  • NOTE-1: NEED NOT give a name; will pick up article/page name
  • NOTE-2: There is NO little box with arrow; but name IS colored blue; red or black if dead link
SHOW ME an internal link: [[Hawaii, United States Genealogy]]

Hawaii is my home state


  • Use for links pointing to subsection
  • Article Name is separated from Subheader by pound sign or hashtag
  • Option: Can add NAME after pipe
SHOW ME an external link to header: [ History of Hawaii]
(Note:  space between URL and name.)

History of Hawaii

SHOW ME an internal link to header: [[Hawaii, United States Genealogy#Counties|Hawaii Counties]]

Hawaii Counties


SHOW ME: [ Henny's email]

Henny's email

CH-7: BROKEN LINKS[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW samples on tutorial page... Broken Links

1.External Link Errors:

  • missing a name
  • no space between URL and name
  • Using URL as the name
  • HTML coding is displayed

2. Broken Internal Links:

  • using a space instead of a pipe
  • missing or not having enough square brackets
  • using the wrong kind of brackets

CH-8: COMMENTS[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW samples on tutorial page... Comments

  • Is User-defined: Used in the text code to find sections easily
  • Does not show up on the actual page
  • Can be any length but must be in the format: <!--Your comment-->
SHOW ME:  <!--THIS SECTION STOPS HERE--------------------------------------------------->
  • Extend across the page to make it easier to find on the page
  • Example: note comments in our training schedule:

Training Schedule

CH-9: CATEGORIES[edit | edit source]

FOLLOW samples on tutorial page... Categories

  • Is a cross-reference list for users found at the bottom of an article
  • Are internal links that contain double squared brackets containing the word Category
SHOW ME: [[Category:Sandbox]]
  • DO NOT create new categories; must go through Governance Council
BACKGROUND  (why not allow us to create categories?)
  • Initially, categories were organized based upon the Library of Congress standards and adopting the UN list of countries.
  • Specialized modifications were made for the FamilySearch Wiki as follows:
- Adaptations were made based on common usage of some country names and the Family History Library catalog system.
- Category names had to be both topic-oriented and location-oriented.
- Select maintenance categories needed to be embedded in patrolling.
- Categories needed to be logical for genealogical research and be user-friendly for beginners.
  • Finally, each step of the organizing process was presented to and approved by the Governance Council.