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Description[edit | edit source]

(Description of languages, regions those languages are spoken, other local names for those languages, which percentages of the population of the country speaks those languages, etc. Much of this information can be gathered and summarized from Wikipedia) - for example page, see Zambia Languages.
NOTE: be sure to cite your sources

Word List(s)[edit | edit source]

(Links to any pertinent language word lists already in the FS Wiki. If no word lists exist in the FS Wiki, link to good-quality, relevant word lists elsewhere online)

Alphabet and Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

(Create a table with the letters or symbols of the alphabet(s), including pronunciation for those letters/symbols. Also, links to any online resources detailing language alphabets or pronunciation help if pertinent) - for example page, see Zambia Languages.

Language Aids and Dictionaries[edit | edit source]

(Provide online links to more helps, such as online dictionaries, language lessons/practices, etc., many of these can be found through Google searches for the language of interest, followed by terms such as "learn", "lessons", etc.) - for example page, see Zambia Languages.
NOTE: For any publications, include full bibliographic citation and link to details online, such as the link to the book's WorldCat entry.

Additional Resources[edit | edit source]

(Links or lists of publications, websites, etc. for more language helps, such as books on grammar from WorldCat, tutorials online, etc.) - for example page, see Zambia Languages.

References[edit | edit source]