User group meeting & agenda 17 September 2008

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Proposing ideas for this agenda[edit | edit source]

To propose or discuss ideas for this agenda, please use the Discussion tab above. As the meeting draws near, we will review the items proposed on the Discussions page and decide which ones should get highest priority on the agenda.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Administrative items[edit | edit source]

  1. Assignment of time keeper and note taker
  2. Introduction of new members: 10 seconds for name and desired takeaways.
  3. Prayer --
  4. Review of Minutes
  5. Today's agenda preview

Special Alert -- New Design for Research Wiki -- Providing Feedback[edit | edit source]

Information items[edit | edit source]

1. Adding a signature line in forums (Mollie)

2. Using the Wiki Product Backlog list effectively -- Michael Ritchey

Discussion items[edit | edit source]

Carryover from Last Week[edit | edit source]

Best practices for handling long lists -- Darris and others

How to Add citations

New Items[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Wiki (two words) vs. FamilySearchWiki (all one word) -- James Anderson

Warm vs. dry invitation -- -- David Samuelsen

Embedded Google maps -- David Samuelsen

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Facilitator was Jimmy Parker], Note taker was Geoff Morris, Time keeper was [Add name here].

Prayer by 

As of just before the start of the user group meeting this week, there were 4,151 registered users.  That is an increase of 196 new registered users of the FamilySearch Wiki over last week.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Parker, Michael Ritchey, Geoff Morris, Jim Anderson, David Samuelson, Mollie Forbes, Anne Roach, Steven Bobowski, Joan Healey, Fran Jensen, and others

Remote Attendees[edit | edit source]

(Anne Roach), Thomas Lerman, Lise Embley, Lynda Purcell, Judy Wolverton, Debbie Edward, Darris Williams

Items Discussed[edit | edit source]

Wiki Mtg. Minutes

  • Jimmy -- Introduced change to home page formatting. Please give positive and negative (HONEST) feedback to the Wiki Feedback and & Suggestions forum. There is a bug in IE 6 that changes the navigation / toolbox to the bottom of the page, rather than to the right side as found in Firefox. Give Feedback on: • Tabs missing • Search moved left to right • Everything left to right.
  • Mollie -- For Forums, Mollie introduced signature lines. • Shown with a ____________ with your name underneath with a icon • To do this: log in • Click on user Cp • Scroll down to edit and options • Edit signature • Click on save. Mollis also addressed different username and password with Wiki than Forums. It is that way for now, but this will be one of the first items that will be integrated.
  • Jimmy -- Used to have Wiki Product backlog list • 6+ months ago, created a list of user suggestions • The team tries to make changes in 3-week sprints • It was decided that the list would be on the Wiki, where users can see the process.
Thomas_Lerman found the product backlog page at FamilySearch Wiki:Suggestions for Engineering . You can find that link on the bottom of the main users' group meeting article. Thomas Lerman 21:35, 17 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Best practices for long lists has been moved to next week's meeting.
  • How to add citations will be handled in future meeting.
  • James Anderson raised the issue of using the terms FamilySearch Wiki (two words) vs. FamilySearchWiki (one word) • Discussion of tags, meta tags, etc. (techi talk). Whenever FamilySearch Wiki is used in the title or body of an article, it should be referred to with the space between FamilySearch and Wiki, rather than running all terms together. This will allow search engines to digest it better.

"Warm vs Dry invitation" was raised by David Samuelson. • He passed out papers as an activity of how to state a Welcome to portal page, or Welcome to State by way of identification. For example: Welcome to the California Portal or Welcome to California, the Golden State. Which is a warmer invitation? A discussion of standardization and redundancy, as well as best practices ensued. The following possibilities for improvement of the Portal Pages were listed on the white board for consideration:

  1. Oregon
  2. Oregon
  3. [How to do research in ] Oregon
  4. Add “Family History” in Oregon vs. Genealogy
  5. Add in main content box on portal pg. that the page is about research in that area.
  6. Oregon State
  7. Leave the blue bar blank (the subpage)
  8. Omit “Welcome” Msg on top box.
  9. Put topics on top box
  10. In Dark bar put establishment date

Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Give feedback on new user interface.
  • Create your signature line.
  • Suggest how to organize Backlog list on the Wiki for easy editing.
  • Best practices for long lists will be addressed by Darris Williams.
  • Thomas Lerman, Michael Ritchey, and Mollie Forbes will coordinate the topic of citations for next week.