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See: Wikiquette, Be nice, and FamilySearch Wiki:Talk Page Guidelines.

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Marilynbgardner49 (talk) 13:52, 14 November 2017 (UTC)

Homework3[edit source]

What is a Talk Page?[edit source] Talk pages exist for all articles. They allow contributors to add comments or make suggestions for individual articles. There are two kinds of talk pages:

Talk pages for articles[edit source] On these talk pages, contributors can suggest something that might or should be added to the article or point out a mistake. This allows contributors to help with parts of the content that might need to be undated or there is a mistake in the subject material or even help with grammar. To post a message, click on a blue Talk tab you get this set of tabs:

Page Talk Read Edit source Add topic

More Search Click "Add topic." On the next screen enter a subject line In the "Subject" box. This creates a header so others can see what you message is about. This also separates your message from the others. Enter your comment in the edit box below the subject box. Save page and your comment will be displayed on the talk page for all to read. If you see something in your message you want to change, click "Edit source" and you can edit your posting or erase it. If you are clicking on a talk tab for an user page or help page, you will see the word "User page" or "Help page" respectively where the word "Page" appears in this example.