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Aug 2010

   I have been using familysearch since the 1990's and am excited about all the imporvements in the organization be it the pilot search feature with source images that I recently found my great grandfather Jake and his wife Ingers marriage record, or the recently announced first RootsTech Conference planned for Feb 2011, the LDS remain at the forefront of most free family research applications available in the world today.  I still use the free PAF download althogh bouncing back and forth between family group and pedigree views remains frustrating...

     This page will emphasize my personal tale about how that frustration culminated in my innovative new program entitled Genedocs:  Genealogy documents and froms for the new millennium.  For my family's Norwegian bracnh descendant reunion in 2002 I utilized a photographic family group sheet I created after inheriting many family portraits.  Eventually I taught myself MS Excel and developed a hybrid improved pedigree chart that added the best of a group sheet - portraits, sibling lists, source information, and even customized complier comments.  These two forms have made up the backbone of the Gendocs program of which the Uneveiling Series began in 2009.  A simple research log I developed in 2004, an ancestor outline list, and organizational tools including a file folder cover sheet and improved file labels have rounded out the basic 6 of the Genedocs Innovative Forms Library with over thirty forms that transform not only teh future of family research, but also legacy protection forever. 

     The forms library is complimented by a monthly on-line E-magazine that I have authored and edited since Jan 2009.  2010 marks the Herald Series of Genedocs with even more imporvements and and expanded life legacy changing forms series.  Most people want to be prepared for anything, but just don't take the time to implement a plan - do you have an emergency wallet card for you and each of your loved ones?  If not click here:

Google Genedocs or click the link below to learn more.

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