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Brepouille/Wiki Support Team (talk) 01:38, 8 March 2017 (UTC)

Hi Noah, My name is Sister Debbie Larsen. I am a FamilySearch missionary for the Italian Historical Records pages. I am so sorry for the misunderstanding on your information about Italy Messina Civil Registration. I should have contacted you and let you know what we were doing. I apologize for that. We were all very impressed with your article about these records and all the useful information you had.

One of the important features of our articles it to keep them simple for new researchers. When we find that someone has added more advanced information, we often take that information and put it in a separate article along with a link between the two. That’s what I did with your information. The link we had to your article was under the first header What is in This Collection? It said: “For more information specific to this collection of civil registration records of Messina, see the wiki article: Chronological Finding Aids for the Civil Registration of Messina, Italy.” Then in your article we put a link at the top of the page stating: “For additional information about this collection see the wiki article Italy, Messina, Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records)”

We feel having 2 articles gives the patron all of the valuable information without overloading one single article.

If you would like to discuss this further, let us know, otherwise we will separate the information back into 2 articles. Thank you for your valuable contribution. And, again, I’m sorry I didn’t communicate all this with you. Sincerely, Sister Debbie Larsen

An example of this is Italy, Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records). The link of that is found under the header Collection Content in Italy, Messina, Messina, Civil Registration, Comune (FamilySearch Historical Records).

Larsendd (talk) 18:17, 8 May 2018 (UTC)