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Thanks for the Lousiana War of 1812 records page, this is a very good one.  I took care of all the extra white space in the article so it will be cleaner looking, and should someone print it out it will be nicely formatted for that reason.  Does not alter the content which is very good as it is.  JamesAnderson 02:47, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

The several pages you have added about births, deaths and marriages for various states are good ones. I suggest adding the URL to each article so a person can link directly into the site itself.

Feel free to add URLs to the articles. Horandm

Cheshire Poor Law[edit source]

I look forward to receiving the Record Search collection. No news but imminent?

The Cheshire projects are moving ahead, but I wouldn't use the word "imminent" to describe their progress. Horandm