Wagon Mound, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries

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Christmas Ranch Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:        Wagon Mound, NM



GPS:             Latitude:  N Longitude:  W

Map:              Interactive Map 1,



Interments:     2

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Hillside Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:          Wagon Mound, NM 87752

Location:           From Wagon Mound, NM., take State Road 120 / Park Avenue east. After you pass Aguilar Street on the

                        left, you will take the next road on the right (south) side. Santa Clara Cemetery is on the  (right) west side,

                        and Hillside Cemetery on the (left) east side. The cemetery is .8 miles from town.

Elevation:          1,914 meters = 6,278 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.00670 N      Longitude: -104.69530 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



Interments:        11

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Mountain View Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:           Levy, NM 87752

Location:           From Wagon Mound, NM., take Wood Avenue north, it parallels Interstate 25. To County Road 24 in Levy.

                        Turn right (east) on County Road 24. Or Take I-25 to the Levy exit (393). Go east on County Road 24.

                        Take the first road on the left, north, to the end of the road. The cemetery is 1.5 miles from Levy, NM.,

                        and 6.9 miles from Wagon Mound, NM.                

Elevation:          1,936 meters = 6,350 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.10170 N      Longitude: -104.66920 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,

Photos:            Entrance


Interments:       47

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Paises Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:           (Nolan) historical  ; Canon Colorado, NM

Location:          Northeast of Wagon Mound, NM., and east of Levy, NM. From wagon Mound, take State Road 120 east

                        to  the first road that goes north, before Mills Canyon Road. Go north the first y, go left (northwest).

                        The next, intersection go straight (north). Then, the next intersection also go straight (north). The next

                        intersection go right, road goes south, makes a u and goes north. Cemetery is down the hill.

                        The cemetery is 16 miles from Mills, NM. 87730

Elevation:         1,807 meters = 5,927 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.9060 N      Longitude: -104.48640 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,




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Santa Clara Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:             Wagon Mound, NM  87752

Location:             East of Wagon Mound, NM., on State Road 120, west of the Hillside Cemetery, on the right (south)

                          side of the road. The cemetery is .7 miles from Wagon Mound.

Elevation:            1,912 meters = 6,271 feet

GPS:                  Latitude: 36.00670 N      Longitude: -104.69670 W

Map:                   Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



Interments:         24

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