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A fantastic research DVD covering families from the Waldmuenchen, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany, area was published in 2011. It is titled, "Genealogies of families that immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin, from Bavaria, Germany. The collected works of Georg Ederer, Otto Horz, and Hansjörg Schneider." Authors of the DVD: Debra A. Blau and Kenneth L. Kraemer.

The DVD contains thousands of digitized pages including pedigrees from the Waldmünchen area prepared by Georg Ederer, Otto Horz's doctoral dissertation from 1939 (over 300 pages listing over 400 individuals), Hansjörg Schneider's emigration works and other nifty research data sources. Many of the families from Waldmuenchen area settled in and around Plain in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

More information can be found at the following websites: [1]

garylhaas.site.aplus.net/ehs/ (List of surnames and town names that appear on the DVD)

sites.google.com/site/auswanderer20/Home(Info, Table of Contents of the DVD booklet, libraries which have the DVD, press release)

http://www.townoffranklinhistoricalsociety.com/id16.html (How to order the DVD)