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Anglican Records[edit | edit source]

Baha'i Records[edit | edit source]

With the arrival of a British pioneer named Eric Manton in 1952 the Bahá'í Faith in Zambia got it's start. The total number of practicing Bahá'ís in Zambia was estimated at 162,443 in 2000, or 1.70% of the total population. It ranks this as the sixteenth-highest national proportion of Bahá'ís in the world, the tenth-largest national Bahá'í community in the world in absolute terms, and the fourth-largest Bahá'í community in Africa. [1]

Buddhist Records[edit | edit source]

Catholic Records[edit | edit source]

Hindu Records[edit | edit source]

Islamic Records[edit | edit source]

The fourth Hijri century found Islam making it's appearance in Zambia and today accounts for less than 1% of the total population. [2]

Jewish Records[edit | edit source]

  • For more information about how to obtain records for Jewish denominations, visit this page: Jewish Records

Other information about Jews in Zambia can be found here.

Protestant Records[edit | edit source]

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