22nd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Bowen's Virginia Mounted Riflemen) (Confederate)

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Brief History[edit | edit source]

  • Completed its organization in October 1863.
  • The unit served in W. L. Jackson's and McCausland's Brigade and confronted the Federals in Tennessee, western Virginia-, and the Shenandoah Valley.
  • During April 1865, it disbanded.
  • Field officers were Colonel Henry S. Bowen, Lieutenant Colonel John I Radford, and Major Henry F. Kendrick

Companies[edit | edit source]

  • Company A - Captain Abram Fuller's Company (Formerly Captain Henry F. Kendrick's Company, and Company B, Baldwin's Squadron).
    This company was formed by a division of Baldwin's Squadron before February 1, 1863.
    Some men had enlisted as early as August 4, 1862.
    Men from this company were from Scott, Washington and Russell counties.
    Officers were:
    Hiram F. Kendrick, Captain, later Major
    Abram Fuller, Captain
    William P. Horton, 1st Lieutenant
    Israel Burke, 2nd Lieutenant
    John D. Harris, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company B - Captain Gordon W. Rife's Company (Previously Company F(2), 21st Battalion, Infantry and for a short time Company F(1), 64th Virginia Infantry).
    This company was formed, at an undetermined date, primarily from residents of Buchanan County.
    Gordon Rife previously served in the 34th Battalion Virignia Cavalry, and was obstensably detailed to gather deserters from that unit when he organized this company.
    Several men who served under Rife were deserters from the 34th, and its enigmatic leader, Vincent A. Witcher.
    Officers were:
    Gordon W. Rife, Captain
    Jeremiah Gibson, 1st Lieutenant
    John W. Wolhford, 2nd Lieutenant
    Berry Compton, 2nd Lieutenant
    Alfred Breeding, 2nd Lieutenant - Killed in Action
  • Company C - Captain John C. Stanfield's Company
    Organized on August 13, 1863 in Washington County.
    Captain Stanfield previously served in Baldwin's Squadron.
    This company was formed largely from men from Washington County.
    Officers were:
    John C. Stanfield, Captain
    John B. Hamilton, 1st Lieutenant
    Theophlus Dunn, 2nd Lieutenant
    Robert Horton, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company D - Captain Martin Ball's Company
    Organized May 1, 1863.
    The company included some men who formerly served in the 37th Virginia Infantry.
    Ball had served in the Virginia State Line as a Major and many members of this company may have served there as well.
    Russell County was the primary source of manpower for Company D.
    Officers for this company were:
    Martin Ball, Captain
    Joseph Boyd, 1st Lieutenant
    William L. Ball, 2nd Lieutenant
    John W. Ball, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company E - Captain Reese M. Baldwin's Company (originally Captain William M. Baldwin's Company) formerly served in Baldwin's Squadron Virginia Cavalry or Partisan Rangers.
    The original company was mustered into Confederate service on August 4, 1862 from Washington and Russell Counties.
    Officers were:
    William Marshall Baldwin, Captain
    Reese M. Baldwin, Captain
    William A. Hughes, 1st Lieutenant
    Philip J. Reynolds, 2nd Lieutenant
    James Williams, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company F - Captain William Washington Brown's Company.
    Organized by August 8, 1863 from Tazewell County men.
    Officers were:
    William W. Brown, Captain
    Jess Barker, 1st Lieutenant
    Granville H. Neel, 2nd Lieutenant
    John T. Litz, 2nd Lieutenant
    Thomas Turley, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company G - Captain William O. Moore's Company
    Organized August 1, 1863, primarily from residents of Wythe County, with significant numbers from Carroll, Grayson, and other surrounding counties.
    William B. Moore, Captain
    Samuel D. Lockett, 1st Lieutenant
    Jacob Moore, 2nd Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant
    William L. Hughley, 2nd Lieutenant
    William A. Glascock, 2nd Lieutenant.
  • Company H - Captain Balaam W. Higginbotham's Company, formed by former members of the 188th (Tazewell County) Militia, in which Higginbotham was a captain.
    The date of organization of this company was August 15, 1863.
    Most members of this company were residents of Tazewell County, Virginia.
    Company officers were:
    Balaam W. Higginbotham, Captain
    Samuel W. Brooks, 1st Lieutenant
    Wesley Hall, 2nd Lieutenant
    Benjamin H. Helbent, 2nd Lieutenant
    Robert J. Higginbotham, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company I - Captain William P. Samples Company
    Organized August 15, 1863.
    Russell and Tazewell Counties furnished nearly equal numbers to this organization.
    The total strength known for this company indicate that the records for this company are far from complete.
    William P. Samples, Captain
    John C. Gillespie, 1st Lieutenant
    Larkin J. Samples, 2nd Lieutenant
    Robert S. Gillespie, 2nd Lieutenant
  • Company K - Captain Miles Apperson Francis' Company
    Organized August 1, 1863 from residents of Russell and Montgomery Counties.
    Miles Apperson Francis, Captain
    Robert T. McElwyer, 1st Lieutenant
    George F. Gunter, 2nd Lieutenant
    Andrew J. Lowder, 2nd Lieutenant
    William T. Snider, 2nd Lieutenant

Sources[edit | edit source]