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Askersund Stadsförsamling Parish, Örebro, Sweden Genealogy

Guide to Askersund Stadsförsamling Parish, Sweden ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

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In 1643 the parish of Askersund was divided into the Askersund Landsförsamling and Askersund Stadsförsamling. Before 1643 see the Askersund Landsförsamling records. Between 1643 - 1964 the parish was known as Askersund Stadsförsamling. After 1965 the Stadsförsamling and Landsförsamling were combined and called Askersund.

Askersund Stadsförsamling Parish, Örebro, Sweden Genealogy
Stift Strängnäs
Pastorat 1643 - 1961 Askersund Stadsförsamling, 1961 - 1964 Askersund Landsförsamling and Stadsförsamling, 1965 - Askersund
Län Pre - 1779 Närkes och Värmlands Län, After 1779 Örebro Län
Landskap Närke
Härad Sundbo Härad
Tingslag none
Domsaga 1643 - 1947 Askersunds Rådhusrätt
Fögderi add here
Kommun 1863 - 1951 Askersunds Landskommun, 1971 - Askersund
Militär indelning Livregementets Grenadjärer 18
NAD Ref Code SE/ULA/10032
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Place NamesEdit


Backa, Backmanstorp, Badhuset, Barnhem, Berg, Bergdalen, Berglunda, Björkelund, Båtsmansstugan, Bäckadalen, Bäckatorp, Bäckmanstorp

Djupviken, Djupviksängen

Ekeberg, Eveborg

Fattighuset, Fågelvik

Gransjölund, Gransjöängen, Gustavsberg, Gårdsjö, Gårdsjöbacken, Gårdsjöbarnhem, Gårdsjölund

Hagaberg, Hagalund, Halfarehagen, Höglund, Höglunda

Igelsjö, Igelsjöberg, Igelsjötorp


Karlsbergslund, Karlslund, Klockaregården, Kraftskärrstorp, Kristineberg, Kvarnhagen, Kvarnrödjan, Kvarnsjölund, Kvarntorp, Kärrfallet

Ladhagen (became Lahagen), Lahagen, Lugnet (became Lugnstorp), Lugnstorp, Lustenrust, Lorentsberg, Loviseholm, Lövfallet


Nordhagen, Norra Berglyckan, Norra Fallet, Norrlunda, Norra Skolhuset, Norra Äsplunda, Nybacken

Pollahagen, Pettersberg, Prästgården

Rektorsboställe, Rosendal, Rydbergshagen, Rådhuset, Rådhusträdgården, Röllingsberg, Röllingshagen

Sandbacken, Sandbäcken, Sjöfallet, Sjölunda, Sjöstorp, Solberga, Stadskvarnen, Starketorp, Stationshuset, Stenkulla, Strömsdal, Strömsvik, Stökastugan, Svärdsjö, Såntorp, Säbylund, Södra Berglyckan, Södra Fallet, Södra Skolhuset, Södra Äsplunda

Östra Tullhuset

Sweden 1951 Place Names Register and the Swedish Parish Pages list in this Wiki will give you searchable lists of places, particularly parishes and the farms within those parishes.

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Census RecordsEdit

1866-1870 -- The major part of the Household Examination record is simply organized by a "farm" number with the numbers spanning from 1 to 212. Although the majority of the parish is under this numbering system there are also farms/places associated with the Stadsförsamling. For these places see above in "Place Names"

1871-1875 -- Same as above for years 1866-1870.
1876-1880 -- Same as above for years 1866-1870.
1881-1885 -- Same as above for years 1866-1870 but the number of farms spanned from 1 to 215.
1886-1890 -- This Household Examination record is organized in an alphabetical arrangement by the first letter of the surname of the head of household. 

Church RecordsEdit

Online Database Church RecordsEdit

The easiest way to access the Swedish Church Records is through the internet, using these five sites (see links to specific collections below). Four of these sites require a subscription for access. (ArkivDigital,, and are available at a FamilyHistory Center near you free of charge.)

Help Using ArkivDigital: Online Databases for SwedenEdit

These lessons will teach you how to use ArkivDigital:

Family History Library RecordsEdit

Click Sweden, Örebro Records for a full listing of microfilmed records (some digitized online) at the Family History Library, that may be digitized. Check back occasionally to see if your records have become available. In the meantime, some of them might be available at a Family History Center near you.

Click on "Places within Sweden, Örebro" and then select your parish.

Military RecordsEdit

Related SourcesEdit

See the hembygdsförening at: Norra Vättersbygdens Hembygdsförening

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