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Beginning Research
Record Types
Canada Background
Local Research Resources
The FamilySearch moderator for Canada is Baird

For more detailed information about research and records of Canada, see:

  • Baxter, Angus. In Search of Your Canadian Roots. 2nd ed. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994. (FHL book Ref 971 D27ba 1994; computer number 735447.) This source includes a discussion of church records and contains the addresses where some church records are located.
  • Jonasson, Eric. The Canadian Genealogical Handbook. Second ed. Winnipeg: Wheatfield Press, 1978. (FHL book 971 D27j; computer number 31188.) This has dated information on sources (see more recent handbooks) but excellent detailed discussions of record types. The maps are especially good.
  • Punch, Terrence M., and George F. Sanborn, Jr., eds. Genealogist’s Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research. 2nd ed. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1997. (FHL book 971.5 D27pt 1997; computer number 811512.) This book covers Newfoundland-Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Acadian research. It describes the location and availability of many record types.
  • Merriman, Brenda Dougall. Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records. 3rd ed. Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1996. (FHL book 971.3 D27m 1996; computer number 795549.) This is one of the best handbooks for a province. It includes specific recommendations for research in some national sources, including emigration and immigration and military records. The appendixes list names and addresses of government, church, and ethnic archives in Ontario.
  • Faribault-Beauregard, Marthe, and Eve Beauregard-Malak. La Généalogie: Retrouver ses ancêtres. (Genealogy: To Find One’s Ancestors.) In French. Montréal: Les éditions de l’Homme, 1987. (FHL book 971.4 D27b; computer number 471855.) It focuses on French Canadian Catholic sources in Quebec but includes other North American areas where the French have settled.
  • Boudreau, Dennis M. Beginning Franco-American Genealogy. Pawtucket, R.I.: American-French Genealogical Society, 1986. (FHL book 973 D27bo; computer number 479066.) Aimed at the English speaker who knows very little French, this book discusses how to read original French Canadian records and published marriage repertories. It includes good examples of documents and many useful addresses.
  • Briggs, Elizabeth. Access to Ancestry: A Genealogical Resource Manual for Canadians Tracing Their Heritage. Winnipeg: Westgarth, 1995. (FHL book 971 D27be; computer number 749919.) This has long chapters on family history resources in Manitoba and briefer sections describing archive collections in other provinces and territories. It also lists names, addresses, and telephone numbers of provincial genealogical and heritage societies, land offices, and vital statistics offices. One chapter discusses adoption research.
  • Barclay-Lapointe, Elizabeth. Sourcing Canada: Genealogy Addresses. Edition 1997. Buckingham, Que.: Buckingham Press, 1997. (FHL book 971 D24b; computer number 811871.) Organized by province, this book lists genealogical societies, civil archives, church archives, and public libraries that have collections of genealogical interest. It also lists a few historical societies and museums. The directory includes street and postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail or Internet addresses. It may also include brief descriptions of services and collections. The appendixes list Canadian clan societies for families with Scottish roots and Canadian-Irish organizations.

For other useful books on genealogical research, see the pages for the individual provinces.