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The Chancery of Valladolid contains genealogical information and limpiezas de sangre (proof of clean blood: it referred to those who were considered pure "Old Christians", without Muslim or Jewish ancestors, or within the context of the empire, those without Amerindian, Asian or African ancestry.) These nobility reports were submitted so men could join a fraternity or the military or for that were to achieve a government post. These reports are available at local municipal archives in Spain as well as in the archives of the main colonial capitals of Latin America, for example, Mexico City, Lima and Bogotá.
Most national registries of Spain have records relating to the nobles. The archives of the Chancery of Valladolid (Valladolid) and the Chancellery of Ciudad Real (in Granada) have special sections of noblemen court records. The nobles were often presented to the royal chancery courts to establish their nobility.

Many of these records are accessible through the Spanish National Archive: Pares.