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Known Issues

Question 1

Question 1: It has been reported that in the collection "England, Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts, 1685-1941" there is one page that is incorrectly placed which does not belong in the Waypoint path you provided.

Answer 2: We can see the error. However, we know that with just one instance of random placement of the parish church of Anmer - engineering will not take the entire collection down to correct this.

Question 2

Question 2: I find instances where records are not where they would be expected to be found. How can I find the correct set of records?
Answer 2: These records are filed together by Archdeaconry for each year and arranged alphabetically by the name of the parish. Not all bishops’ transcripts survived. Consequently, not all parishes will be found in the records for a single year nor necessarily in alphabetical order. The waypoints are organized as the book volumes indicate, and the entries are as recorded in the books, which do not strictly go by a single year. Rather they are the records that were recovered and assembled in the indicated year and may be out of sequence. As a result, many records are from prior years when more than one year of new records were sent to the Bishop. If a record cannot be found in the year or the sequence expected, the search should be broadened. It is recommended that the index be used to find known names. The following is a list of known discrepancies:

Archdeaconry of Norfolk

  • 1842 > T-Y: Thurlton Parish records with dates ranging from 1838-1842 are included in the Year 1842 collection and those records are missing from Thurlton records in the collections for Years 1838, 1839, 1840, and 1841.
  • 1842 > T-Y: Thurlton Parish records that appear in Images 32, 33, and 34 include Register pages 41, 44, 45, 42, 43, and 22 - in that order.
  • 1853 > G-L: Houghton-on-the-Hill and Pickenham North records may be mixed together in some years as noted in the catalog description for these records.
  • 1856 > T-Y; many records between Images 70 and 201 are for years 1853, 1854, 1855, or 1857.
  • 1878: There are many record for other years, as early as 1872.

Archdeaconry of Norwich

  • 1806-1807 > A-Y > Image 1-9: The images at this waypoint are from the years 1810 and 1812. Images 1-7 are 1810 and 8-9 are 1812.