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Do a Title Search when you want to find a catalog entry and know all or part of the title.

If you are not sure if your search terms are in the title, or if you are looking for a series, use a Keyword Search.

Steps to Search by Title[edit | edit source]

The following steps will help you find records for a specific Title in the Family History Library Catalog.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Family History Library Catalog link under the heading Search Genealogy Records & Library.
  3. Click Title Search.
  4. Type part or all of a title.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click the title that most closely matches the one you want.
  7. If the item is a microfilm or microfiche, click View Film Notes.

Strategies for Using a Title Search[edit | edit source]

The more of the title you type, the shorter the results list will be. If you do not know the whole title, type the words you do know. You may want to truncate (shorten) your search terms or use a wild card character.

If you are not sure if your search terms are in the title, use a Keyword Search.

You do not need to know the exact order of the words for the title you want to find. The computer finds all titles that contain the words you type, no matter where they appear in the title.

If you are looking for the title of a series, use a Keyword Search.

How Do I Understand the Results of a Title Search?[edit | edit source]

A Title Search results in a list that shows:

  • Catalog entries that match your search term.
  • The main author for each title.

The results list is ordered alphabetically.