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Steps for reviewers of image uploads and file
[edit | edit source]

When contributors request approval of an image or file through an SalesForce case, the following steps should be followed by the reviewer:

Set up your computer[edit | edit source]

  1. Create a folder on your computer called Wiki Image Approval
  2. Create a document in your word processor with the e-mail template below and save it as the Image Approval Letter

Work on an E-mail[edit | edit source]

Part 1 - Save a contributor's image to upload
  1. Open the Image Approval Letter document
  2. In SalesForce, go to the Wiki Image/Doc Approval queue
  3. Select a case to work on and click Accept Case
  4. Right click on the email from the user, copy the email and paste it at the bottom of your letter
  5. Move the Name and the Title from the SalesForce email up into the letter
  6. Go back to the SalesForce case
  7. Click on the Attachments tab
  8. Double-click on the filename to open the image
  9. Save the image to your computer to a folder you've created just for Wiki Image Approvals. :::(Note: This will show differently on different computers. You may need to click File and Save or Make a Copy, or something similar.)
  10. Go to the Wiki home page and sign in. Then follow the steps as outlined on the Uploading Images page.
Part 2 - Upload the image
  • Use the Title sent to you by the contributor if it is descriptive of the image. If it is the file name from a camera or is not descriptive, change the file name accordingly.
  • If the image file size is too large (over 1MB) reduce the image file size. In most cases, the resolution used for images on the Internet are very acceptable at 72dpi. The dimensions of the image may need to be changed to fit the wiki presentation frame width which is 650px. If the dimension is changed, be sure to preserve the aspect ratio to match the original image.
  • At this time, the Email File for Authorization page does NOT ask for the required licensing information needed for images. Wiki Support personnel, will need to send an email through SalesForce to patrons who submit images to the wiki asking them for the license information.
  • Refer to the Licensing field on the Special Upload file page for the various types of licenses that are acceptable for use on the wiki.
  • Many images are licensed under Creative Commons Licenses. ;The various license descriptions are found on the Creative Commons site. If a patron decides to use a Creative Commons license for their own photo or other images, the Creative Commons "Choose A License" page will help them make a choice.
  • There are other types of public licensing of images and files that patrons can use when publishing them on the wiki. Refer to the types in the list on the Licensing field as noted above.
  • When the image is named and sized for use on the wiki, it may be uploaded along with the required licensing information using the Special Upload file page.

Replying to the contributor regarding his/her request[edit | edit source]

Examples of e-mail replies[edit | edit source]