FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Adding Colorado Archives, Libraries and Societies to Counties, Part 1

Colorado Archives Index placement

Project Leader

Heather Mecham


Adding a Colorado index from the Colorado Archives to county pages.

Task List

Task List

Sample Pages

Adams County, Colorado Genealogy
Arapahoe County, Colorado Genealogy

Project Instructions

Part 1: Select a County

1. Go to the task list.

2. Put your name on the name column.

Part 2: Check the List of Records for the County

1. Go to the list of records for the historical records index. This list is a finding aid that will help you know which counties are included in each index in the Colorado Historical Records Index.

2. Find your county. They are in alphabetical order.

3. If your county is not on the list, go to part 4.

4. If it is on the list, go to part 3.

5. When you reach the heading "miscellaneous records", you are done adding links and only need to remove the vital records link in part 4.

Part 3: Add the Link

1. Determine where on the county page to place the link for the first collection on the list by looking at the type of records and reviewing the headings on the county page.

  • You will encounter a lot of unusual collections. Do your best to place it under a heading. Use "other" as a last resort. You may need to search the index and look at some entries to make that judgement call.
  • You can search by going to the Colorado Archives Search. Make sure you use the pull down menus to select the county and record type. A common surname like Smith should get search results to review.
  • If you need to use the "other" heading, you may need to add some subheadings. For example see Arapahoe County, Colorado Genealogy. Examples of subheadings with code to copy and paste are below. I have included a list of some of the hard-to-determine records and where to place them at the bottom of these instructions. If at any time you have questions about where a record should go on the page or possible subheadings, please ask for help.

'''''Pension Records'''''
'''''Hospital Records'''''
'''''Voting Registers'''''

2. Check to see if the link is already there. See example below. If it's there you can go to the next record collection. Please reformat, as needed.

3. If the link is not there, copy and paste the code below a the bottom of the list of links in the state census section.

*'''COVERAGE YEARS''' [ COLLECTION INFORMATION] at  Colorado State Archives - index, select record type for search

4. You will replace the words COLLECTION INFORMATION and COVERAGE YEARS with the coverage years and the name of the collection.

Part 4: Delete the Vital Records Link

We are removing this link because many counties do not have vital records in this index. This is potentially confusing to our users.
1. Go to the "vital records" heading.

2. You will find the code to remove just above the "birth" subheading. See example below.

For early vital records check Colorado State Archives, Historical Records Index

3. Remove before clicking save.

Guide to Collections and Where to Add Them

Type of Collection Where to Place
Old Age Pension place under "Other" with the subheading "pensions"
Teachers place under "School Records"
Civil Docket Book place under "Probate"
Hospital place under "Other" with the subheading "hospital"
Mother's Compensations place under "court" heading