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FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Adding New Record Collections

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Purpose[edit | edit source]

To keep the wiki updated with newest releases from FamilySearch and Ancestry.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Task Lists[edit | edit source]

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Spreadsheet of new collections

1. Go to the Task Page (above) and choose a record to insert onto the pages. Sign your name onto that line so that no one else will start working on that record.
2. The task list will give you the heading to place the record under, all the pages where the record is to be placed, as well as what to put in the Edit Summary Box.   Depending on the record, you will be placing it on Jurisdiction pages (counties), Online Records Pages and Topic Pages.

3.  The first time you enter a record on a page, in addition to looking at the page to be sure it looks right, click on the link to be sure it goes to the collection it is supposed to.  If it does not, contact Jane to get corrected coding.

County/Jurisdiction Pages[edit | edit source]

1.  A list of counties for a state can be found on the state page.  Open the first county page and go down to the heading for your record (Vital Records, Military, etc).  Once there, you will look under the correct section for your record (birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc).

  • Be sure your record does not already appear on the listing on the county page.
  • If it does, go on to the next county.  If you find the record already exists on the first 15 counties, then just spot check a few more counties and if there, you can assume it is on all the county pages.
  • If it does not, you will want to add it to the page

2.  Click on the box to edit the section you want to insert the record in.  In order to add the record to the page you will have to go into wikitext.  To do this go to the top left of your edit box and click on "wikitext."   


Once you click on Wikitext, your screen will change to show the page layout in wikitext format.  


You want to copy the entire text from the record you chose on the task list and paste it on the bottom of the list on the page.

3.  Enter the description in the edit summary box and then save your page.  Once you have saved the page, go down to the Vital Records section on the page and be sure your record shows up as you expect it to.  This is an example of a Texas Death and Burials Record after it is placed on a page:


4.  Repeat this procedure for state or country topic pages. If you have instructions to place a record on the state or country topic page and that page does not exist, indicate that on the task list and keep going.   Not every state or country has the same topics on their topics bar.

Topic Pages[edit | edit source]

1.  Before placing a record on the topic page, check the page to see if a heading has already been created for online records/databases.   If there is a heading already there, place the record under that heading.  If there is not a heading, go to the top of the page and create a heading with the title Online Records and then place the record under that heading. 

Online Records Pages[edit | edit source]

NOTE: It is no longer required to add collections to the Online Records Pages. Kathi Hanna is keeping these pages up to date.

Once you have finished inserting the record onto all of the pages, go back to the Task List and enter the completed date beside your name on the list.