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Purpose[edit | edit source]

To link county pages to the New England Town Pages on the wiki.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Spreadsheet Name Date Completed
Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Coos County, New Hampshire
Grafton County, New Hampshire
Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Merrimack County, New Hampshire
Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Strafford County, New Hampshire
Sullivan County, New Hampshire
Fairfield County, Connecticut
Hartford County, Connecticut
Litchfield County, Connecticut
Middlesex County, Connecticut
New Haven County, Connecticut
New London County, Connecticut
Tolland County, Connecticut
Windham County, Connecticut
Bristol County, Rhode Island
Kent County, Rhode Island
Newport County, Rhode Island
Providence County, Rhode Island
Washington County, Rhode Island
Addison County, Vermont Taylor
Bennington County, Vermont
Caledonia County, Vermont

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Place your name on the Task List next to the county that you want to work on[edit | edit source]

Then, open up the Task List spreadsheet and place your name next to the county under the Contributor column.

Step 2: Create a new tab and go to the wiki page for the county that you are working on.[edit | edit source]

Step 3: Click on the populated place link[edit | edit source]


Step 4: Click on edit source[edit | edit source]


This is what the code should look like before you change it


We will only be changing links that fall under cities and towns. The wiki does not have any pages for villages or unincorporated communities, so we will keep those links as they are.

Step 5: Replace the first link with the following code[edit | edit source]


Step 6: Replace PAGE NAME and TOWN NAME[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the spreadsheet and copy the PAGE NAME|TOWN NAME column entry for the town that you are working on
2. Go back to the Wiki and highlight PAGE NAME|TOWN NAME in the code you just entered
3. Paste the entry from the spreadsheet over it
For instance, if I was working on Albany, New Hampshire this is what my work would look like:

Before I would begin, my code should look something like this:


I would then copy Albany's entry under the PAGE NAME|TOWN NAME column. In this case it is "Albany, Carroll County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Albany."


Then I would paste the entry over PAGE NAME|TOWN NAME. My code should then look like this:

*[[Albany, Carroll County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Albany]]

Step 7: Change the Town Status from Incomplete to Complete.[edit | edit source]

Step 8: Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 for the rest of the towns in the county[edit | edit source]

Once you have replaced all the towns and cities with the correct code, your code should look something like this:


And your page should look something like this:


Step 9: Once you have finished all the towns, change the County Status from Incomplete to Complete on the spreadsheet[edit | edit source]

Also update the the Task List as completed on the Wiki.