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South Dakota Project PageGotoarrow.png Populated Places


Step 1: Adding Populated places

1. Go to the Populated Places heading on the page and see if it has already been completed.

2. Whether it has been completed or not, go to Wikipedia to either double check the list or add the localities.

3. Go to the Communities heading and add the places in a bullet list. If Wikipedia has a heading under the populated places heading such as Townships, Cities, etc., add those headings to the wiki. If the lists are longer than 6 names, you will need to place them in columns using the following wikitext:
Replace the xxxx with the name of the city/town and the link to the Wikipedia page for that place.
Example [,_Adams_County,_North_Dakota Cedar]

{{div col|3}}
{{div col end}}

NOTE: The previous projects had 4 column lists, we have changed to 3. We are also adding Wikipedia links this time. 4. To use the above wikitext list, replace the xxxx with the place names. You can delete any blank lines you don't need, or add a line as needed. If you add lines, don't forget to add the asterisk.

Step 2: Add Reference

1. It's important to always give a reference to where we obtained the information we add to the wiki. To add the reference to the heading, first copy the following wiki text:

<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "NAME OF ARTICLE," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'', URL, accessed DATE.</ref>

2. Since there is no other text under the Populated Places heading, add the reference to the actual heading. The heading will look something like this:

=== Populated Places<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "NAME OF ARTICLE," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'', URL, accessed DATE.</ref> ===

3. Replace the NAME OF ARTICLE, with the actual name of the Wikipedia article. If you got the information from Adams County article, you would put in, Adams County, Nebraska.

4. Replace the URL with the actual URL of the Wikipedia article.

5. Replace DATE with the day you looked at the Wikipedia article, such as 31 July 2016.

=== Populated Places<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Traill County, North Dakota," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_North_Dakota, accessed 1 August 2016.</ref> ===

Step 3: Saving the page

1. Once you have added all the places, preview the page by clicking on, Show Preview at the bottom of the page. Check your work to make sure it looks like it should. Make any necessary adjustments.

2. Go to the bottom of the page and enter "added populated places list" in the edit summary box and save the page.

3. You are now done with the task. Go to the next County on your list.


For an example of what this heading should look like when it is complete, User:Evancol/Sandbox/NorthDakotaclick here.