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Purpose[edit | edit source]

Adding links to the FamilySearch Places tool to all United States counties pages to make it easier for researchers to find churches in the counties where they are researching.

Example Pages[edit | edit source]

Autauga County, Alabama Genealogy
Duval County, Florida Genealogy

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Project Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1: On the county page, go to the heading that says church records.

Step 2: Click Edit source.

County cemeteries 9A.jpg

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Step 3: Find where you need to place the link. It will go at the bottom of the section. The code will look like the image on the right.
County churches 1A.jpg
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Step 4: Go to FamilySearch Places

Step 5: Enter in the name of the county and state you are working on.

County cemeteries 4A.jpg

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Step 6: Find the correct county and state in the search results and click the blue link to the right that says "Places in this County".
County cemeteries 4A.jpg

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Step 6A: Choose the most recent dates.
County cemeteries 5A.jpg

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Step 7: Click "add filter".
County cemeteries 6A.jpg

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Step 8: Click in the window that says "place type".
County cemeteries 7A.jpg

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Step 9: Select churches and church parishes.If you get no results, type "no results" in the notes column on the task list. Move to the next county.

County churches 2A.jpg

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Step 10: Copy the code on the right and paste it below everything in the church section.

'''List of Churches and Church Parishes'''
*'''[URL FamilySearch Places]''' <br>

Step 12: Replace URL on the Wiki page.

Step 13: Click "show preview" and make sure it looks right. It should look like the link on the right and link to a list of cemeteries for the county you are working on.
Step 14: Type "Added links to FS Places in church section".
Step 15: Click Save changes.

List of Churches and Church Parishes
  • FamilySearch Places