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Is there an official dispute resolution policy yet? Not yet, but we invite all community members to review the following ideas, add comments, or add additional ideas to the list. A great model for ways to resolve disputes is at Wikipedia: Dispute Resolution. For additional ideas see, Wikipedia: Negotiation; Wikipedia:Etiquette. FamilySearch Research Wiki invites your comments and other ideas related to the tools that might be implemented:

Request another opinion[edit source]

  • Ask another community member for their opinion.
  • How would someone find another community member to ask?
  • Is there a sign-up list to participate in the Wiki as one who would volunteer to give a third opinion?

Requests for comments[edit source]

  • If community members have a dispute about content, they could ask the "community" for their comments on the subject being disputed.
  • How would a member request comments from the entire Wiki community?
  • Does the Community Portal page have a section for "Requests for Comment" ?
  • Should a specific page be created for use as "Requests for Comment" ? If so, how would the page be maintained?

Ask for policy clarification[edit source]

  • If the dispute is related to a policy, the community member could ask for clarification on the policy if needed.
  • Who should the member ask? Administrators? Someone else?
  • How does a member request clarification?

Civility issues[edit source]

  • If disputes are a result of civility issues, then what?

Protecting pages with unresolved disputes[edit source]

  • Should pages be protected when disputes are not resolved?
  • How would someone request that a page needs protecting due to an unresolved dispute?
  • Who reviews the request? Who protects the page from further edits until the dispute is resolved? Who verifies the dispute was resolved and removes the protected status?
  • What happens if the dispute is never resolved?

See Also[edit source]

Brief clarifications?[edit source]

I don't have time to research and write these myself, but I'd love to see some clarifications added to this page:

  • On the bullet list item about consulting a third party, some explanation as to where to find a third party who is objective.
  • A brief explanation of the difference between mediation and arbitration and whether one is expected to pursue them in a certain order.