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The Family History Library looks forward to hosting your group. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance when requesting a class. Classes and classrooms are subject to availability. We hope that you will have a great learning experience. Note: Please schedule an Orientation to learn about the Family History Library. Tours are not given.

For an Interactive iPad Discovery Experience Click here[edit | edit source]

To Schedule Fun, Engaging Classes or Classrooms for Families, Youth and Adults Click here[edit | edit source]

Family History Library Computer Lab

Listed below are a few group options to choose from while at the Library. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance when requesting a class. A free FamilySearch Account is needed for the best experience.

Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge Workshop: Boy Scouts accompanied by their parents and/or leaders can work on and earn their merit badge in genealogy. For preparations needed to be completed prior to participating in the activity click here

Build a FamilySearch Family Tree: For the beginner to learn how to build your FamilySearch Family Tree. (1 hour)

FamilySearch Indexing: Learn how to index using the FamilySearch Indexing software as an opportunity to give back to the community. (1 hour)

Family Tree & Memories Mobile App: Beginner level, account and phone required. Build your FamilySearch Family Tree on your phone. (30 minutes)

Find Your Ancestor: For the more experienced FamilySearch user, learn how to find your cousins. (1 hour)

Meet Your Ancestor: Beginner level. Learn about an ancestor and how to add a photo, document or story (1 hour) 

Orientation: Introduction to the Family History Library

Search Historical Records Online: For the beginner. Learn how to search through historical records on (30-60 minutes)

Genealogical Societies: Please Click here to let us know when you are visiting the Family History Library.

Geographic Research: To see what classes are being offered during your visit click the Patron Class Schedule.

Self-Host group: Classrooms are also available for your own family history group use. Reserve here.