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Introduction to Group Activities[edit | edit source]

Mix and Match Ideas[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library staff has developed various activities that we offer to groups as they visit the library. Please feel free to "mix and match" your activities to customize them to your group and the amount of time you have to spend with us. The activities that we offer fall under the following categories:

Group Activities

To understand how to "mix and match," here are several examples:

1) Scenario: You would like to bring a youth group to the library.

Mix and match ideas
1. Library orientation video (9 minutes) with Scaventer Hunt group activity (45 minutes)
2. Indexing instruction (15 minutes) with the hands-on indexing learning activity (30 minutes)
3. Introduction to (15 minutes) and with their LDS log-in, they search for their ancestors (45 minutes)
4. Group activity "Super Heroes" to learn (20-45 minutes) ending with Elder Bednar's video.

2) Scenario: You have a genealogy society group coming to the library.

Mix and match ideas
1. Library orientation video (9 minutes) with a Question and Answer session (15 minutes)
2. Introduction to the Family History Library Catalog (15 minutes) and the website (15 minutes)
3. Introduction to the FamilySearch desktop (15 minutes) with the Granite Mountain Vault video (5 minutes)

3) Scenario: You would like to bring your family to introduce them to family history.

Mix and match ideas
1.Scavenger Hunt (45 minutes)
2.Celebration of Family History videos (5-23 minutes) and printing your Fan chart, requires LDS account (10 minutes)
3. Introduction to the Family Tree (15 minutes) and research your family on the computer (45 minutes)

Remember, these are only suggestions. You are free to customize your visit to accomplish what you desire.

To request a group visit, please click on the Visiting Group Registration Form at the bottom of the link.