Finding Records that show Family Structure for Swedish Family History Research

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Finding Records that show Family Structure for Swedish Family History Research

Records that show the structure of a family are key to family history. These records show relationship between individuals that help you to form the basic structure of a family group. Usually people see familial structure in records such as the Household Examination Records, Mantals tax records, Probates, and other documents. In Swedish research, the records that show family groups are generally considered a secondary source. The actual birth, marriage, or death information needs to be verified in a primary source such as the birth and christening, engagement and marriage, or death and burial records. To do find records that show family structure, you must know 2 things:

  • 1. The approximate time when the family was living together
  • 2. The name of the jurisdiction associated to the record type you want to search, for example: if you want to see the family in a household examination you need to know the name of the parish the family was living in (knowing the name of the farm or village is helpful too.)

Sometimes finding the estimated residential year or place of residence can be a challenge. In situations like this, you must turn to other records for clues. The easiest way to do this is to find a member of the family on a record of event (such as a birth, marriage, or death.) After finding the record of event, you have an established time and place to search associated records.

Remember the entire kingdom of Sweden was organized into jurisdictions long before records were being kept. The majority of the population is recorded on many records that show family structure. The table below is a list of Swedish records that show family structure. The records have been ranked with the best source at the top, followed by others that might help.

If you find a possible match in a record, but need help to read or interpret the entry, go to the FamilySearch Sweden Genealogy Research page in facebook for assistance (the information in the FamilySearch Forums is easier to use at a later date.)

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description
Husförhörslängder Församlingar (parishes) These are the household examination records that were used for religious and later demographic purposes. Time Period: 1600’s – 1894 (depending on the parish and diocese.)
Mantalslängder Häradsskrivare and Magistrat Mantal records created by the häradsskrivare or city magistrate office (the local level.) Time Period: 1750’s – 1965
Mantalslängder Länstyrelsen: Landskontor Mantal records created by the Landskontor office within the Länstyrelsen (the County level.) Time Period: 1750’s – 1965
Mantalslängder Kammarkollegiet Mantal records created for the Kammarkollegiet for the national treasury (the national level.) These copies were sent to Stockholm. These are the records in the FamilySearch collection and SVAR. Time Period: 1750’s – 1965
Mantalslängder Riksens ständers kontor Mantalslängder sent to Estates of the Realm Office in Stockholm. Time Period: 1719 - 1765
Länsräkenskaper: mantalslängder (with) personskatte-längder Länstyrelsen: Landskontor County mantal account records with individual tax records. Time Period: abt. 1630 -1860
Mantalsuppgifter Magistrat (in the cities) These are the Mantals tax preparation forms that were used mostly in the cities. Time Period: Existed in the 1700’s but more common in the 1800’s
Kommunion-längder Församlingar (parishes) Parish communion records (sporatic.) Time Period: 1700 and 1800’s
Bänklängder Församlingar (parishes) Parish seating records (sporatic.) Time Period: 1600 -


Visitations-handlingar avskrift husförhörslängder and bänklängder Domkapitel (diocese) Diocese visitation transcripts of household examinations and parish seating (sporadic.) Time Period: 1600 - 1800’s
Landskaps-handlingar och länsräkenskaper: mantalslängder with personskatte-längder Kammarkollegiet Provincial documents, county account records. Mantal and other individual tax records sent to the Chancellery in Stockholm. Time Period: abt. 1540 -
Länsräkenskaper: husförhörslängder Kammarkollegiet Appending documents to the mantalslängder. Time Period: 1812 - 1815
Utskrivinings- och roteringslängder Kammararkiv Military rotation and rote lists. Time Period: 1625 - 1680
Utdrag ur husförhörslängder och församlingsböcker Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) Extracts from husförhörs-längder and församlings-böcker sent to SCB (every 10 years.) Time Period: 1860 - 1945

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