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The borders of Finland have changed several times, beginning in 1323 with the Treaty of Nöteborg between Sweden and the Novgorod Republic, through 1947 after the end of WWII between Russia and Finland. Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has published Tracing Finland's Easter Border which illustrates the many changes to the border with Russia.

There are two very good articles on Wikipedia discussing the cession of Karelia to Russia.

The National Land Survey of Finland has published a brief recounting the documenting of the boundary demarcation on the border between Finland and Russia which took place on 19 June 2017.

Grenser i Sameland is a history of the borders of Lappland in Norway, Finland, and Sweden and the changes that occurred from 1751 to 1944. It is written in Norwegian. A copy is available at the Family History Library, FHL book 948 E3g and other libraries (WorldCat).

Historical Provinces and Counties[edit | edit source]

Additional maps showing the changes in county boundaries can be found at Suomen läänit (in Finnish).

Provinces[edit | edit source]

Counties 1634-1945[edit | edit source]