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Most older German graves have been replaced with recently deceased persons and new tombstones. However, copies of some old tombstone inscriptions are available, especially for private or church cemeteries and crypts. Parish register burials, funeral sermons, bell tolling accounts, and civil registration death records are easier to find than tombstone inscriptions. Another alternative is if there is a general family plot in the area, your ancestor may have been buried there in the past but since replaced. Living relatives still in the area may be able to provide more information on family members that were once buried there.

Cemetery records may include the deceased's name, age, death or burial date, birth year or date, and marriage information. They may also provide clues about military service, religion, occupation, place of residence at time of death, or membership in an organization, such as a lodge.

The Family History Library has copies of a few German cemetery records. They are most frequently found under the name of the town. These are listed in the Place Search of the catalog under:



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