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Coats of arms were given during Byzantine times in Greece. Some Greeks abroad obtained titles in other countries of Europe. Also some territories, such as the Ionian Islands, had some forms of heraldry while under other governments. However, in modern times titles and coats of arms have not been recognized in Greece. An organization that has been very involved with heraldry in Greece is the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece , located at:

Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece
3dr Septemvriou Street 56
Mouseion, Athens

Various authors in Greece have prepared armorial or heraldry books. An armorial is a collection of descriptions of coats of arms and the families that bear or use them. It also briefly describes their entitlement to that coat of arms. It may also note early bearers of that coat of arms, sometimes with relationships, birth dates, and other genealogical information. Each armorial will differ from others and will include different names. Some minor noble families are not included in any books. Examples of these published books for the county of Kerkyras and the island of Zakynthos include:

  • Ioannis Typaldos-Laskaratos. Ta Oikosima tou Archeiou tis Ioniou Gerousias - The Coats of Arms in the archives of the Ionian Senate. Athinai, Greece: Eraldiki kai Genealogiki Etairia Ellados, 1982. (FHL book 949.55 D6tj; film 1181765, item 10)
  • Ioannis Typaldos-Laskaratos. Oikosima tis Zakynthou apo ton kodika 17 tis Istorikis kai Ethnologikis Etaireias tis Ellados - Heraldry of Zakynthos from the 17 Codicils of the Historic and Ethnologic Society of Greece. Athinai, Greece: Istoriki kai Ethnologiki Etaireia tis Ellados, 1988. (FHL book 949.55/Z1 D6t) Includes heraldry from Zakynothos Island, also called Zante.

The Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece also has a journal which may be useful in the study of Greek heraldry:

  • Deltion Eraldikis kai Genealogikis Etairias Ellados - Bulletin of the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece. Athinai, Greece: Ekdosis Eraldikis kai Genealogikis Etairias Ellados, 1979–. (FHL book 949.5 D25d)

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