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Description[edit | edit source]

English is the country's official language but the main spoken language is either of two creole languages: Grenadian Creole English and, less frequently, Grenadian Creole French or 'patois' which reflects the African, European, and native heritage of the nation. The creoles contain elements from a variety of African languages, French and English. Grenadian Creole French is mainly spoken in smaller rural area.

Some Hindi/Bhojpuri terms are still spoken amongst the Indo-Grenadian community descendants. [1]

Grenadian Creole English - Grenadian Creole English is a Creole language spoken in Grenada. It is a member of the Southern branch of English-based Eastern Atlantic Creoles. It is the common vernacular and the native language of nearly all inhabitants of Grenada, or approximately 89,000 native speakers in 2001. [2]

Grenadian Creole French or 'patois' - Grenadian Creole is a variety of Antillean Creole. In Grenada and among Grenadians, it is referred to as Patois. [3]

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