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| width="10%" | <center>[[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]] </center>
| width="10%" | <center>[[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&localeSubcountryName=Alabama&query=%2Brecord_country%3A%22United%20States%22%20%2Brecord_subcountry%3A%22United%20States%2CAlabama%22&collection_id=(1384728%202311973%202333694%202367299) Alabama Obituary FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&localeSubcountryName=Alabama&collection_id=(2311973%202367299%202333694)&query=%2Brecord_country%3A%22United%20States%22%20%2Brecord_subcountry%3A%22United%20States%2CAlabama%22 Alabama Obituary FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Obituaries often include the birth date and place of the deceased.
| width="75%" | Obituaries often include the birth date and place of the deceased.

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This page will give you additional guidance and resources to find birth information for your ancestor. Use this page after first completing the birth section of the Alabama Guided Research page.

Other records to search

Improve searching


Tips for finding births

Success with finding birth records in online databases depends on a few key points:

  • Your ancestor's name may misspelled. Try the following search tactics:
  • Try searching for the parents if known. Sometimes a child's first name is not on the birth record.
  • Try different spelling variations of the first and last name of your ancestor.
  • Try a given name search (leave out the last names)
  • Expand the date range of the search.
  • Try searching with the state name only instead of by county.
  • If your ancestor's name is common, try adding more information to narrow the search.

Why the record may not exist


Known Record Gaps

Records Start

Records Published
Collection coverage tables show the places and time periods of original records published. Check the coverage table for the collections you searched which did not include your ancestor. Gaps in the online collection may require searches in other records or original birth records at an archive.

Records destroyed
United States Counties With Records Loss shows which counties and when the loss happened. Zoom in to the state and click on a county marked in red to see date details.