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A WikiProject is a collection of pages or activities devoted to helping to grow and develop the wiki or add content to a specific topic or locality.  With a WikiProject, you can:

  1. Bring groups of people together to work on a project
  2. Separate out the work that needs to be done
  3. Give instructions that can always be updated within the wiki
  4. Find the best ways to communicate with each other
Wiki Barn-Raising
1000px-Map of USA Highlighting IL.png
Illinois State Project

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A WikiProject is a community venture in which contributors work together to create a collection of pages devoted to a specific topic or family of topics within FamilySearch Wiki. WikiProjects consist of project pages, which enable the management of the work, and content pages, which provide genealogical guidance. All known WikiProjects are listed at Projects Seeking Contributors. This page is a collection of best practices about how to launch a wikiproject and organize a team of contributors to write the associated content pages.