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Comment icon crystal.png A userbox is a small rectangular box that looks like this. Below are more examples.
Formatting icon40.png Userboxes can come in many different styles and colors.
Information icon.png Userboxes can have one or two sideboxes. Broom icon.png

A userbox is commonly abbreviated as UBX and the Userbox is a small colored box similar to the examples on the right. They are designed to appear on the Contributor's User page. They share information about the user to help the users collaborate more effectively on articles.

Using existing userboxes[edit | edit source]

A gallery of existing userboxes can be found in the FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes/Gallery.

The {{clear}} template can be placed after the plain userbox if text is added on a new line immediately after it.

If you have a number of userboxes, you can put {{userboxtop}} before and {{userboxbottom}} after the list to order them together on your user page.

You will generally not add a userbox to another's user page, except in the case of recognition userboxes.

Creating a new userbox[edit | edit source]

The basic template used in creating new userboxes is {{Userbox}}. Basic examples are included in the template documentation. Alternatively a request for a new userbox can be added to the FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes talk page.

Adding User Boxes[edit | edit source]

How do you build a list of userboxes on your User Page?

Flag of the United Kingdom.png This user lives in the United Kingdom.
Billiongraves twitter icon.png This user is a contributor to the BillionGraves database of cemetery records.
Flag of England.png This user is of English ancestry.
Flag of Denmark.png This user is of Danish ancestry.
Broom icon.png This user likes to cleanup the wiki.
Flag of Norway.png This user is of Norwegian ancestry.
Flag of Italy.png This user is of Italian ancestry.

Start by adding this code to your userpage where you want to add your userboxes:

{{User box top|align=right}}   (Note: align right, left or center.)

Next add the template code for the user box(es) that relate to your activities, skills and affiliations.

Some examples are: {{User United States}} {{User Sweden GRC}} {{User Wiki Volunteer}} {{User BillionGraves}} {{User English}} {{User Danish}} {{User Wiki Maintenance}} etc. (Note the separation of each by a space).

End the userbox array with this code: {{User box bottom}}

The userboxes will now show on your user page and look like those to the right.

If your list of user boxes is long, you may want to include collapsible sections.

The code to add a collapsible section is easy to add with some simple code. The collapsible section for a Communities section looks like this: (See it in example to the right.)

(Note: The section description "Communities" and the link to the wiki article named "FamilySearch_Communities")

{{userboxbreak|toptext=[[FamilySearch Communities|Communities]]}}

The next item to add is the collapsible box template which starts with:

{{Collapsible list and will eventually end with double curly brackets }}

An example of code for a collapsible FamilySearch Communities userbox section looks like this:

{{userboxbreak|toptext=[[FamilySearch Communities|Communities]]}} {{Collapsible list |1={{User Denmark GRC}} |2={{User England GRC}} }}

You can add as many or few to the list as you want. Just copy the code above and modify it to fit your needs .

Each new item has to start with a pipe | .... then a number in consecutive order followed by the equals sign and then the userbox code.

|1={{User Denmark GRC}}

Be sure to close the section with two curly brackets. }}

You can have many different sections in your userbox frame. Choose the title for each section, add the appropriate opening statement and the link then add the code for the userbox templates that you want in that section. Close the userbox with the code shown in the above examples.

Here are two userpages that demonstrate collapsible userboxes:

The list of available userboxes is found at:

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