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Problem #1: 1849 Marriage Index records lying alphabetically between James McCune (Banbridge District) and Margaret McDonald (Thurles District) were incorrectly indexed as 1845. Accordingly, records dated 1845 that fall alphabetically between these two points may be either 1845 or 1849 marriages.
Answer #1: The year for a record in this alphabetical range can be verified by checking the FamilySearch microfilm of the original indexes: .
  · Index of Marriages 1845-1847: Film 101241 .
  · Index of Marriages 1848-1850: Film 101242 ..
For instructions on how to order a film or locate a family history center, view a Wiki article entitled “Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche.”  

Problem #2: Some 1886 Marriage Index records were incorrectly indexed as 1836, which is outside the year range for the collection (1945-1958). [These incorrectly-indexed records lie alphabetically between Kate Shields (Newry District) and Andrew Walker (Belfast District).]

Answer #2: Indexed marriage entries dated 1836 are actually for marriages registered in 1886. The year for such records can be confirmed by ordering copies from the General Register Office of the Republic of Ireland. See Ireland Civil Registration, "Locating the Actual Registration Certifcates."

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