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Early Tax Records in Italy

They include:

  • [Catasti] - Tax Lists, also sometimes called [Riveli]
  • [denuncie delle bocche umane e de' raccolti] - List of Human Mouths and Harvests
  • [Estimi] - Property Appraisal Records

These record may be available for some towns in Italy on microfilm, search

Tax Assessment Records (riveli di beni e anime)

Research use: Can identify individuals in a particular locality and frequently link to other generations. Excellent locating tool, covering a large area.

Record type: Tax records of real and personal property.

Time period: 1600's - present.

Contents: Name, age, and civil status; sometimes names of parents. Sometimes lists all members of a household and sometimes only the head of the house. Lists value of real and personal property.

Location: State archives.

Population coverage: 45%-55% of the population in areas where it exists.

Reliability: Usually accurate.

Accessibility: These records are accessible during business hours and may be limited to use by academics and serious researchers, and may require an appointment to research.[1]

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