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Logan FamilySearch Library
50 North Main

Logan, Utah

Mon- Thurs: 10:00 am – 2 pm
Please call for an appointment as we are limited in the number in our Library.
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Descriptions of Classes Offered at Logan Utah FamilySearch Library

For a list of current class descriptions and handouts that may not appear below, click on the underlined blue class Title on the Classes & Handouts page. You can download the handout to your computer or flashstick; or you can print the handout and take it to class with you.

  • Family Search:  Introduction and Overview--Beginner (John Burton, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  This is a very basic overview and orientation for those who are new to the FamilySearch program.  The class will cover "what" FamilySearch can do and can't do; the purposes, parts, navigation and uses of FamilySearch.  This is not a "how to" class but a "what it is" and "what can you do with it" class.  It is a one-week class.  Handouts

Basic Research Skills ( Martin Peterson - Instructor)

  •  Description of class:  This class is intended to review the basic research skills needed by everyone to find their ancestors. The focus is on basic principles of the five research steps in the research process, use of a research log and how to document information, use of a wiki including record selection tables and reviewing key sources of reference information. Class members will participate in using methods of searching in Google and FamilySearch.
  • Search and Source in FamilySearch--Beginner (John Burton, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  Learn to use the basic "search" feature in FamilySearch to research your families.  Class includes how to conduct basic searches for records, basic search principles, analyzing search results as well as saving and attaching sources found from searches.  It will not include searching "Genealogies, Catalog, Books,Wiki" or other genealogy websites like ancestry.com, etc.  This is a one-week class. Handouts
  • Using Facebook in Family Research--Beginner (John Burton, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  See how Facebook can be used as a family history research tool.  This is not a class on how to use Facebook (participants should be familiar with Facebook basics) but on using Facebook to learn more about your ancestors, as a research tool and in connecting with others.  This is a one-week class. Handouts
  • Are You Climbing the Wrong Family Tree?--Intermediate/Advanced (John Burton, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  This class will focus on "how do you know" a person belongs in a particular family or not.  When you find documents or records (sources), how do you analyze the information to determine what it really tells you?  Basic research "principles," "common research mistakes" as well as "good research habits & principles" in FamilySearch will be covered.  The primary focus will be on how to analyze what you find, what it tells you, recognizing clues and how to determine if this is your ancestor.  This is a research and analysis class and will be a two-week class with homework problems to solve.  Handouts
  • Introduction to FamilySearch FamilyTree (Robert Curry, Instructor):
  • Description of the Class:  This is a series of four separate classes that provides an introduction to FamilySearch Family Tree.  Each class focuses on specific features of Family Tree and may be taken independently of the others.  The following is a brief description of each class:
    Family Tree – Introduction to Features, Navigation, and Where to get help and additional training (One Week)
    Family Tree – Adding, Editing, Deleting Information (One Week)
    Family Tree – Searching for and Recording Source Citations (One Week)
    Family Tree– Memories - Photos and Stories and Submitting Names for Ordinances.  Attendees should have access to images they can upload (flash drive or on-line)  (One Week)
  • Computer Basics (Stacie Gomm, Instructor)  
  • Description of the Class:  This course will cover the basics of how to use Windows Explore or File Manager and using the Internet. We will cover the following:
          Copying and Moving Files
          Renaming Files
          Making New Folders
          Google Searches
          Saving Images from Google                                                                                             
  • Getting Started in Family Tree (Stacie Gomm, Instructor
  • Description of the Class:  This is a two week course where we will cover how to use FamilyTree within FamilySearch. We will begin by covering how to navigate and add/edit information in FamilyTree. We will also go over how to source the information that has been entered in FamilyTree and submit names for the Temple. If time permits, we will go over how to upload photos and documents into their FamilyTree. We welcome all levels of experience, but just ask that participants come already having set up their LDS username and password. Moreover, they should know their username and password. Participants can attend just the first week if they would like. The second week will continue where we left off from the first week.
  • Mobile Apps (Stacie Gomm, Instructor) 

Description of the Class:  Viewing Family Tree and adding digital files has recently gone mobile! Two new apps—FamilySearch Tree and FamilySearch Memories—now make it easy to connect with your ancestors wherever you are. You can swipe, pinch, and tap to view your ancestors who are in Family Tree and to add photos, stories, documents, and something new—audio files. We will review these apps during this course. Bring your mobile devices when you come to class. Demonstrations will be done on an iPad, but the Android App works very similarly.

  • Indexing I (Von Taylor, Instructor) 
  • Description of the Class:  This class is for the beginning indexer.  It will cover the basic guidelines, project guidelines and field helps required for good indexing.  There will also be a hands-on introduction to an actual indexing project.  This is a one-week class.
  • Indexing II (Von Taylor, Instructor)
  • Description of the Class:  This class will cover more advanced features of the indexing system and will be a continuation of Indexing I.  It is a one-week class.
  • Indexing Obituaries (Von Taylor, Instructor)
  • Description of the Class:  This class is for people who have some experience with indexing but would like a good understanding of the unique rules that govern obituary indexing.  These rules will be covered in detail.  There will also be hands-on practice. 
  • BSA Genealogy Workshop (Irene Burton, Instructor)
  • Description of Workshop:  Wolf: Achievement 11 "Duty to God" Section 11 (c) and 11 are completed in this class using family history as a way to support their faith. Class discusses LDS beliefs regarding family history.    Bear: Achievement 8: "The Past is Exciting and Importing." Boys complete Sections a, d and g.   Webelos: This workshop focuses on the "Heritage Belt Loop." The library gives an overview and introduction regarding family history and how it relates to their ancestors and helps the boys complete a basic three-generation family tree.
    Genealogy Scout Merit Badge: This workshop follows the Boy Scout Handbook and scouts are able to complete Sections 1,4,5,8 and 9 at the library. There is a packet with material used in the class which we can provide or the scouts can print from the Scout website. Boys are asked to do pedigree charts/family group sheets at home or come in for personal assistance
  • Young Women Family History Workshop (Linda Clark, Instructor):                                     Description of Workshop:  Primary Girls up to age 11: "How Temple Work Blesses Families." Youth prepare a basic three-generation chart (names only), a family group record and share a family story. Class discusses LDS beliefs regarding family history. Young Women ages 12-Up: Workshop focuses on Personal Progress booklet and it is a basic introduction to family history using the "My Family" booklet and website. It closely follows guidelines in the Genealogy Merit Badge booklet. Girls' participation can be used as either an "experience" or "Project."

Introduction to Danish Records (Irene Burton, Instructor) .

  • Description of Class:  This class is an introduction to records which are available and how to use them. It is for those who are starting out and do not have the time or are unable to take the multi-week classes offered. This is a one-week class.
  • Introduction to Swedish Records (Irene Burton, Instructor)

Description of Class:  This class is an introduction to records which are available and how to use them. It is for those who are starting out and do not have the time or are unable to take the multi-week classes offered. This is a one week class.

  • Ancestral Quest--The Logical "Up" to PAF (Robert Gerber, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  If you enjoyed your PAF software, you will love Ancestral Quest. It looks and acts very much like your PAF program, but has many improvements and is fully certified to work with FamilyTree. There is no need to learn a new software program to connect your PAF data to Family Tree. This is a three-week class.
  • Ancestry.com (Dedee Dalebout, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  Learn what is available at Ancestry.com and how to search the site more effectively. This is possibly the best research database available. Make it work for you! Handout
  • Family Search (Lynn Miller, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  This class will teach you how to use Family Search as a research site. You will be instructed on how to use Family Search with several different search methods. This is a six-week class.
  • FamilySearch Family Tree (Lynn Miller, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:This class will cover a mini-class on Family Search; instruction on Family Tree will include how to use the Source Box, how to add people, how to make corrections and how to merge possible duplicate records.
  • Temple and Family History Consultant Training:
  • Description:  Overview of all the skills that are necessary to be a ward temple and family history consultant. Introducing organization, searching compiled records, verifying and updating with today's technology, temple submission and sharing with others. A portion of this class will be used as a workshop for you to bring your questions and then to come up with solutions. [http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~utcfhc/Ward_Family_History_Consultant.pdf Handout
  • How to Write Your Personal History (John Clark, Instructor): How to organize, document, and write about the person you know better than anyone else in the world–YOU! Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout  
  • RootsMagic 7 (Dave Winkler, Instructor)
  • Description of Class:  Step up to a better way to keep your family history data. Sync with new FamilySearch. This is a great program and you will be happy you switched. PAF is so out of date with today's technology that you need to change. Why not choose the best! This is simply the easiest, most popular and most logical program to use.  This is a 6-7 week class.  Handout